GET PurchaseReceipt using POOrderNbr

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I’m trying to use Postman to retrieve a PurchaseReceipt but the only way I’ve been able to do this is by filtering by the ReceiptNbr.  Is there a way to filter by POOrderNbr?

Here's what works successfully:
/entity/Default/22.200.001/PurchaseReceipt?$filter=ReceiptNbr eq 'PR00153430'&$expand=Details

This returns an error ("The parent value for a property access of a property 'POOrderNbr' is not a single value. Property access can only be applied to a single value"):
/entity/Default/22.200.001/PurchaseReceipt?$expand=Details&$filter=Details/POOrderNbr eq 'PO53414'




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@bpgraves filtering on details is not supported

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Alternatively, you can create a Generic Inquiry to filter and list the detail lines. Then map the GI to the endpoint to retrieve it from API.


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