Acumatica Webhooks Fail to make AP or AR invoices

I've built out an Acumatica Webhooks project. I've successfully got it reading the incoming POST, and figuring out what to what to do. So far I can successfully insert Customers, Customer Locations and Projects without an issue. Honestly, from someone who does a fair amount of integration work, this is basically magic. These integrations are as close to real-time as is practical, so amazing work Acumatica.

That said, using nearly the same code, I'm trying to insert AP or AR Invoices and I get bizarre or meaningless errors.

I’ve stripped that code down to the most basic version, and when running the code that lives in the webhooks dll from a button on a graph it works exactly as expected. When it runs within the webhooks environment itself I get weird errors.

For what it’s worth I’m running in 22R2, but I moved the code over to 23r1 and I get the same issues.

My case in “in engineering review” so I thought I’d field it here to see if anyone has thoughts on what it is about the AR/AP graphs that makes this fail? I’m wondering if import scenarios have problems with these graphs as well.

Thanks in advance.

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@travisk91, To provide us a better view of the issue, can you please share more details like the customization project, request payload and response?

The best thing you can do to see the problem is look at this: 

That’s the customization stripped down to it’s simplest form. It’s not the payload of the webhook that is the issue, it’s the ARInvoice and APInvoice graph behaving weirdly. I’m not sure if it’s because of the admin scope or what. When you try to make an AR or AP header it fails with weird errors. The above can make a stock item no problem. The exact same function that fails when called from the webhook runs fine from any graph on a user form.

In fact, the solution I have right now is that I’ve made a custom table and I have the webhook write to the custom table and then a processing form runs the AP and AR invoice creation. That solution works, but it’s not quite as magical as <10 second response time of the webhooks.


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