RowSelected warning misses the first row.

I’m pulling my hair out a bit. I was helped along on this project by another user and I think I'm missing something here: 

I need each row to show a warning containing the various vendor prices. When I use the RowSelected event the top row value gets cleared out and when I change vendors it no longer updates the price. See images for expected behavior and current result.

(originally I was using RowUpdated (which worked) but then I would have to update the row before the warning would occur)

Any help would be greatly appreciated

using PX.Data;
using PX.Data.BQL;
using PX.Data.BQL.Fluent;
using PX.Objects.AP;
using PX.Objects.PO;
using System;
using System.Text;

namespace PX.Objects.SO
public class POCreate_ExtensionAI : PXGraphExtension<POCreate>
public static bool IsActive() => true;

#region Event Handlers

protected void _(Events.RowSelected<POFixedDemand> e)
var row = (POFixedDemand)e.Row;
if (row == null || row.InventoryID == null || row.OrderQty == null) return;
PXUIFieldAttribute.SetWarning<POFixedDemand.effPrice>(Base.FixedDemand.Cache, row, null);
string msg = GetQtyMessage(row.InventoryID, row.VendorID, row.OrderQty, null);
PXUIFieldAttribute.SetWarning<POFixedDemand.effPrice>(Base.FixedDemand.Cache, row, msg);

protected decimal GetItemQtyTotalOnPO(int? inventoryID)
decimal retVal = 0;

foreach (POFixedDemand line in Base.FixedDemand.Select())
if (line.InventoryID == inventoryID)
retVal += line.OrderQty ?? 0;
return retVal;

protected string GetQtyMessage(int? inventoryID, int? vendorID, decimal? lineQty, DateTime? requestedDate)
if (inventoryID == null || vendorID == null || lineQty == null) return null;

StringBuilder p = new StringBuilder();
decimal orderQty = GetItemQtyTotalOnPO(inventoryID);
if (requestedDate == null) requestedDate = Base.Accessinfo.BusinessDate;

var prices =
.View.ReadOnly.Select(Base, inventoryID, requestedDate, requestedDate);

var vendors =
.View.ReadOnly.Select(Base, inventoryID);

if (prices == null) return null;

p.AppendLine("Pricing available:");
foreach (APVendorPrice price in prices)

string vendorName = "empty";
foreach (Vendor vendor in vendors)
if (vendor.BAccountID == price.VendorID)
vendorName = vendor.AcctName.ToString();

p.AppendLine(vendorName + ":");

p.AppendLine($"You have {orderQty:n2} on this Purchase Order");
return p.ToString();



expected behavior:




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