Programmatically change Taxable amount and trigger bill balance recalculation

  • 9 February 2024
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I have a requirement to calculate taxes based on Ext. Cost instead of the Amount of bill’s lines. If I go to Taxes tab and change the taxable amount of the tax transaction the tax amount, bill tax total and bill balance are updated accordingly.

I’m trying to implement this behaviour programmatically. I can change the taxable amount (setting APTaxTran.CuryTaxableAmt value) but the other figures are not updated. I tried to fire RaiseFieldUpdated for different fields but no luck.

Any pointer very welcome or any alternative solution to achieve this.

Thank you


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5 replies

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I’d like to see more information about your tax requirements, and an example of what Acumatica is calculating with explanation of why it’s wrong.

I’m wondering if you have tried changing the below Calculation Rule and Cash Discount settings on the Tax ID to change from Line Level to Document level, to Change from Exclusive (merchandise price does not include tax) to Inclusive, and/or to specify whether discounts reduce tax owed.

My recommendation is to avoid developing ovver-rides of system calculated taxes… customization in this situation, IMO, is the very last resort.


Thank you.


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If changing configuration of Calculation Rule and Cash Discount didn’t help… is it possible you are  trying to implement UK tax agency (HMRC) rules that require an "offset" of the net cost to the tax agency instead of paying the subcontractor?

If so, could the "Offset"  be handled like a withholding amount (such as withholding taxes from a subcontractor payment, similar to how paychecks deduct taxes from employees)? Following is a link to an Acumatica Knowledge-base Article from Tech Support; let me know if you can't access the post:

The only other way I know to withhold from subcontractor payments is with Retainage features of Acumatica... and when retainage is paid, it's only a delayed payment to the same contractor, not paid to the government tax agency.

Hopefully someone with specific UK tax experience will weigh in on this topic.


Thank you Laura, yes that is my scenario: additional deduction on the net amount alongside regular taxes also on the net amount. Retainage will need to be handle as well but this is separate. I’ll look into the withholding tax and let you know if it brings it to the expected outcome.

We looked into withholding taxes, overall it implements what we are trying to achieve but we would need to have it applied directly to the invoice: basically we need the balance of the invoice to show the deduction already. I’ll keep looking for the right solution. Thank you

Our final solution was, upon release of the invoice, to create a debit adjustment of the amount of the deduction and apply it to the invoice so user can see straight away the updated balance. Not as neat as we were hoping for but figures are as expected.
Thank you


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