How to grant access file attachment on different tenant with same site

  • 20 October 2020
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Hi All,

Is there any idea how we can give an url (public) for other user in different tenant but in the same site?

Case explanations:

Our customer have more than 4K pictures of inventory id in 1 tenant that we’re used as primary tenant. And other tenant as a subsidiary and have the same of inventory id without pictures. So the idea we will provide other tenant public url and can view (as hyperlink) for the pictures, without we have to import all the pictures in all subsidiary.

We already tried it with company mask from blog acumaticablog but not works. 

Feel free to discuss.




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2 replies

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Hi Daru,

Hope you’re well. Here’s a few ideas for you:

  1. You could use the “Is Public” flag of file attachments and the external URL to access it from another tenant. The main challenge of this approach is that you need to know the NoteID of the image you want to access, so unless you build some sort of customization this will be a very manual process.



  1. As an alternative, you could build a customization that adds a button called “View Image”, and then assumes the context of a user logged in to the other tenant to return the image.
  2. Finally, you could forego using the native attachment storage completely and work with something like the Acumatica integration, that would allow you to have one repository of files that is shared between tenants. The system would look for images in the directory structure, so if you item code is “SAMSUNGS20”, it would look for files in Acumatica\Stock Items\SAMSUNGS20\
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Hi @Gabriel Michaud 

Wow, thanks a lot for your explanation. Especially for point no 3 that maybe we will try it. Yes, definitely we will do customization for this kind of task.

I will update you with this customization if its meet our expectation.




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