Automatically setting the planning BOM on a stock item using automation steps

  • 7 October 2022
  • 1 reply


I am trying to use automation steps to automatically update the planning BOM ID on the stock item

These are my conditions:

This is the action

This is the action running

However, after clicking “update” and going to the stock item, the planning BOM ID has not been updated.

Does anybody have any ideas where I’m going wrong?





1 reply

As an update to this, Automation Steps are deprecated so cannot be supported in the case of issues. The recommendation is to use workflows.

I did get this scenario to function using workflows, but I think because the Bill of Material form doesn’t have a predefined workflow, my new workflow seemed to cause some issues with the way the form functions. This could be my missunderstanding of workflows though, as I’m new to them.

The most reliable solution seemed to be to use a business event and import scenario and I’m probably going to go with that.

I’ve also used a business event for a scenario in Production Orders with a similar solution to that described in 

I’m not sure if this type of functionality can be achieved in workflows?

Is anybody aware of any guidance on when a particular method should/can be used for a particular type of customisation/problem? I want to go for Low/no code where possible, but appreciate there may be circumstances when this is not possible.

It’s really a case of knowing when to stop trying to get something to work by a particular method?




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