Automated test scenarios for Acumatica upgrades

  • 1 April 2021
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Hello mates!

I know about struggles with upgrades between major Acumatica versions. Even regular minor updates sometimes bring the pain.
So I was thinking, one does spend so much on testing and acceptance, on troubleshooting and fixes, I bet it just never pays off, whoever you are - either a VAR or an ISV. 
Maybe there is a way to cut it by doing automated tests? Basic or advanced tests that cover most critical business scenarios. It does sound quite simple yet challenging. 

How do you get through upgrades? Do you have any automated acceptance testing in your company?

Maybe there are developers who could do it for a fair dollar?

4 replies

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We are actually starting to run autotests for ISV solutions and this will become a requirement for 2021R2 solution certification.

As for developers who could do it - are you planning to become one or are you looking for them? There are a couple of companies that are good at it. 




@Igor.Leybe thanks for your reply!

When you say “we are actually starting to run autotests” - is it Acumatica who does it, am I right? How do ISV can get to use such opportunity? Do they provide test scenarios?

As for the second part, I am just looking if there is a demand for it. And I do posses some light development skills. 

Hi ,

Is there any update on the automated testing for ISVs?? Just checking as this is 5month old thread.




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@seema33 - We are already running auto tests for some ISV solutions and building tests for several more. But we decided to make postpone making it a requirement for ISV certification till 2022R1. For now it is just a recommendation.


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