How-to: Acumatica Email Setup When using Cases and Automated Clocks

  • 22 February 2024
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With Acumatica, you can set up email accounts across the platform. Acumatica uses the email system to communicate with customers in the Acumatica CRM or to send a copy of a document. When using the Acumatica Cases system, you can have an incoming email create a new case.

Acumatica can append a tag to the suffix of an email’s subject to keep track of incoming emails and connect the email to the proper entity. This tag is then parsed on incoming emails to relate the email to the originating email or entity.



Acumatica’s default setting for email subject tag.



Suppose your company has an accounts receivable email address, “” You set up Acumatica to use to send out invoices automatically with Automation Schedules. You also set up that all incoming emails to should create a new CRM Case for the AR Department to handle. 



Acumatica connects emails to their source email or entity with the help of an appended subject tag. This means that if a customer responds to an automated invoice email with payment information, the reply will be visible on the invoice under activities. Your AR Department can keep track of incoming emails by monitoring the Acumatica email inbox (in addition to their standard work email) or by checking the activities tab on each invoice. This process could be better, especially if your company prefers generating a CRM Case. 



To solve this, Acumatica can turn off appending the tag to the end of the email subject by unchecking  “Add Tags for the Incoming Processing” on the email account setup (System Email Account (SM204002) > Incoming Mail Processing > Add Tags for the Incoming Processing). “Add Tags for the Incoming Processing” is checked off by default when selecting “Incoming Mail Processing.”

Now, when your customer replies to an automated invoice email, a new case will be created (Assuming “Create New Case” is selected). However, we now face a new issue. The CRM cases that use the same email account will generate a new case for every reply and never connect it to the existing case.

The solution is to create a second email account as an alias of the primary email address (for example, (Do not tag)). On the second email account, turn off “Add Tags for the Incoming Processing.” Set the reply-to to the primary email ( Acumatica will now skip adding the tag to the email's subject email sent from this account. Then, set all automated email templates to use the new email address as the “from” email. 




Going Forward:

To avoid this IT setup, Acumatica should allow individual email notifications to ignore the tag. The usage of the tag should be more localized.


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