Adding the related entity to the body of manual emails from opportunitties

  • 1 August 2023
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I have a customer that uses the CRM extensively to map their Leasing process. This means that they will send an email from inside the opportunitty to some other member of the team to have it logged. The issue we’re facing is that is hard to track these emails because it doesn’t have the entity information:

I know that in Acumatica it’s properly linked to the opportunity, but as far as usability, it would be very helpful to have the OpportunityID attached to the end of the subject line or as part of the body without the user having to type it each time.

Any thoughts?


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Hi I hope i am following your query but if you are select Template in the Create Email you can have a template set up so it pulls in what ever information you need from the opportunity see below. This is one of the standard templates you can modify it/create your own so it has the information you need.



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If you want this to be an automatic processes I think the screen you will want is called notification templates  There should be a bunch of examples already in there like the CRNewOppNotification. You can link it to entity and include whatever information from the screen you select to include in the email. The email can be automatically triggered based a business event like a status change. 

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Thank you for your answers. What I need is that when someone manually sends an email from the opportunitty that is has a understandable refrence to the opportunity that is being referenced. Right now, my best option is to load a template before someone answers an email.

Each email has a different content so that we can’t always use the same template or automate it.


@miguel80, Were you ever able to find a solution to this? I have the same opinion and am looking for the same functionality. If we are sending internal emails, not having a link to the entity being discussed is a real challenge. Using templates is not a good solution because each email might have a different use case.




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