Negative quantity in a subcontract line item

  • 19 September 2023
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I am trying to put a negative quantity in a subcontract line item, but it errors out.

Anyone have a work around for this that doesn’t require a debit adjustments.  I am trying to keep all the details on one invoice. We create the invoice for subcontractors and tie them off to each pay applications.  If we create multiple invoices it creates confusion. 

I found I can put a negative dollar value which makes the $ side work, but i don’t think it will work on the total qty side.






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4 replies

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@jdresel  Thanks for your question.  Can you tell me the business need for having negative quantity on a subcontract?  What is the workflow and example of needing negative quantity that is not an adjustment.

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Hello Hedi,

Since we create the invoice from the owner payments for subcontracts we want to show all the changes from the payment/owner qty at once.  We run a report that shows the qty’s paid.  if the owner deducts qtys we need to show the negative quantities.  It is common for the owner to pay then deduct.  Or deduct one line item to pay a different line item.  It happens on 95% of our projects.


We generally worry more about qtys then dollars.  If the qty’s work out, the dollars work out.  So if we show positive numbers with negative dollars it will create the potential for errors, and cause confusion  If we export data with positive numbers it wont tie off.  I am sure we can write a report to handle this, but entering positive numbers for a deduction is out of standard practice for us. 


We also found out, how do you create a back charge to a subcontractor.  We would typically do this with a negative quantity change order, but you cant put negative qty’s in a subcontracts.  Just negative dollars.





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@jdresel  If you use debit adjustments it does work for negative quantity


Hello @jdresel 

My name is Irina Kateneva, I am business analyst from Project&Construction team.

Could you please help me with understanding your business case and expectations?

  1. If you enter a deduction line to the subcontract with negative qty, do you have in this subcontract exactly the same line, with the item and UOM, but positive qty (to apply deduction line to)?
  2. As I understand it is important for you to correct Qty balance for each of the non-stock items.  Do you need to control for each non-stock item that corresponding Qty is not over-deducted? Do you use project task + Transaction description to match the lines (initial and deduction)?
  3. How do you track now that Qty after deduction is not over-deducted?


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