What do I need to expose Acumatica to the internet from a private cloud?

  • 26 July 2022
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This is our first private cloud installation and though everything is accessible locally (the install was done on a virtual app server with a connection to a virtual db server), I am unsure of next steps to be able to access acumatica externally via chrome. What would the client or we need to provide/set up in order for the site to be accessible like this?

I’m assuming they would need to provide certs for https, purchase a public IP address to bind the site to, and we would just need to configure the site under IIS with that information and the hostname (something like But I’m unsure about all that and whether there needs to be something needed to be done with the domain. Can someone break this down for me? I don’t have too much experience with this sort of implementation. 

Thanks in advance!


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We came across a similar issue this past week.

The 2022R2 (PCS) instance is hosted on an AWS EC2 configured with Elastic IP for public access.  We were able create the subdomain, assign it to the existing top-level SSL certificate and update the DNS record to point to the Elastic IP. This allows us to access the Acumatica site “http:\\acumatica.<domainname>”.

However, we are not yet able access the site using “https:\\acumatica.<domainname>”, which is required to complete the setup on the OAuth Credentials on Google in order to use GMail (Google Workspace) when setting up System Emails Accounts using OAuth as the authentication method.

Do we need to install the SSL certificate on the server hosting the Acumatica instance?  

Has anyone been able to set this up?




I have recently setup acumatica on a private cloud.  I had to setup a virutal IP to access it externally.  I purchased a wildcard ssl certificate and installed it on the hosting server.  Without the SSL certificate, you have to use the virtual IP to access acumatica.


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@jsteck, thanks for your response, which helped.

I was able to grab the SSL cert from the domain’s website host and import it into the IIS on the AWS EC2 instance.

 Now able to access the Acumatica website using “https:\\acumatica.<domainname>”.



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