Recommended IIS settings for optimizing speed

  • 19 March 2021
  • 2 replies

Can anyone provide a “best practices” for optimizing IIS in production? We’ve experienced the following:

IIS seems to need to “cold start” periodically. Takes about 30 seconds.

Occasionally, during the day, while working with the system, it will “pause” for 20-30 seconds.

The server CPU and memory are at less than 20% usage, as is the DB, so we have lots of horsepower.

The server has a 10GB internet connection, and the client is on a 1 GB fibre.

My thought is that this is an IIS configuration issue.

2 replies


The following Microsoft article goes into details about the optimization of IIS:

The observed behavior you describe unfortunately can be originating from several systems on the server. To track it down, you could run OS, dB, and IIS traces to see what system actually “pauses” or if it's a system maintenance schedule service or if indeed there’s a faulty hardware component that spuriously causes interrupts. 

Since Acumatica only uses the very basic aspects of IIS (no ISAPIs, filters, security (IIS based), or any of the “higher” capabilities, it would be very interesting to find that it is indeed the cause. My suspicions are that it’s something else: in the IO chain or possibly errant components in the hardware.



Are the database and IIs on separate servers?


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