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  • 23 April 2023
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Hi there, 

We number our inventory items using the format


In our previous system, any new inventory item that is added (stock or non-stock) is assigned the next number in sequence,

so after 10-999, the next number in the sequence would be 11-000


Is it difficult to configure Acumatica to automatically assign the next number in sequence (regardless of whether we are adding a stock or a non-stock item)?

e.g. if we added a stock item, the system would generate 10-999

if we then added a non-stock item, the system would generate 11-000 (the next number in sequence)…

We have already imported our stock using this format, but when we add a new inventory item, we have to manually sort stock items in number sequence, then manually sort non-stock items in number sequence, find out what the latest number was, and then manually type in the next number in sequence.  This isn’t ideal… :)

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. 


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When you set up your “INVENTORY” segments in the Segmented Keys screen did you put both Segments’ Auto Number to True and this still doesn’t work?

If you have tried this already and it doesn’t work then you will need some customizations to make it work.

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In my opinion, the only purpose of segments is to have meaning in the Inventory ID. It appears the two-segment ID shown above does not have meaning in the separate segments and should be one segment only.

For example:



Representing Manufacturer-Model-Edition.

If the Inventory ID is auto-numbered with no meaning in the two separate digits, then I recommend one digit only, with auto-number checked ON.

I checked briefly a demo environment and it appears to me that Stock and Non-stock items naturally share the same Numbering ID and same sequence of numbers when set up as shown above.  I recommend that you test similar configuration of Inventory Segmentation and Numbering Sequence in your test tenant, manually adding at least one stock item and one non-stock item to confirm with 100% certainty if both Stock and Non-stock are sharing the numbering sequence.

It is normal to have auto-numbering turned off for migration of existing items, then turn auto-numbering ON at Go Live to have the system number your items automatically going forward. If auto-numbering isn’t working for you, I think it’s because you have 2 segments when you only need 1.

If your ID’s are uniform length, you may be able to remove segmentation. I suggest trying it in a test copy of your tenant. In segmented Keys you will see two lines with first line length 2 and second line length 3. Remove the second line and adjust the length of the first from 2 to 5 and save.  If it doesn’t work, perhaps your partner or Acumatica could assist with the change.

Good luck!


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