My company home page is not showing up as the default home page for all users

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When my company users login they get a home page that is not my company’s.  The company’s home page has been setup in site settings and in all users profiles.  However, it does not show up when login in. Instead a “generic” acumatica page shows up.  The user has to click on the company logo (Upper left corner) to launch my company’s page.  Users are finding this very invasive!  We need help asap!  


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HI @fcallegari 

When Acumatica is saved as a desktop shortcut by a user, the URL for the Dashboard that is now being used as the Home Page is also saved alongside the shortcut.

By clicking on the company logo located in the upper left corner of the screen and seeing the page that is brought up as a result of doing so, it is possible to determine what the user's actual homepage is.

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Thanks @kandybeatty49 for your reply,

The issue is that my company’s home page does not load as the default option when users login to Acumatica.  Instead, a “generic” acumatica page” shows up, and users have to click on the company logo to open the company home page, which is not as optimal as if it would show up when you first login.   

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HI @fcallegari 

Can you share what the Home page is set for on the Site Preferences?


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here is the Site preferences screenshot...


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@fcallegari Make sure they are not using a saved bookmark link to get to their acumatica as what you describes gives me the idea they are landing on default page with 000000 screenid.

Also check if clearing the cache on the browser helps as well as Clear Caches on Apply Update (ScreenId=SM203510)

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Let me check

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Hi @fcallegari 

Kindly refer to the link below for reference.




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Hello, delete the browser favorite/bookmark, and then add it back.


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In addition, here is the KB article showing how to update Home Page value for all users in the system:



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