Install Acumatica ERP on MAC

  • 7 June 2022
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How to install acumatica erp application in mac


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6 replies

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Hi @bhagavans55 

Please refer to the below links,

✅[Updated] Acumatica for PC / Mac / Windows 7,8,10 - Free Mod Download (2022) (

A Step by Step Installation of Acumatica - Step 1 - Deployment - YouTube

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Hello Jinin,

The first link you supplied states MAC as MAC OS. 

As far as I know , there is no official version of Acumatica ERP for MAC OS. The install guides do not mention any deployment on MAC OS. Acumatica is written on C# and runs on IIS web server only. 

Would MAC in this question mean something else ? is that a kind of PC running Windows ? 


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Acumatica requires an Application and a Database. More details about the environment are available here in the System Requirements document in

  • The application server (as eudescoelho29 points out) requires a Windows operating environment with .NET components running on IIS.
  • The database can run on Microsoft SQL (highly recommended) or MySQL. 

So .. back to the original question … can this run in a Mac environment? The direct answer is no, but you could install a virtual machine (using software from Parallels or VMware) that allows you to run Windows on a Mac. Within your Windows environment on your Mac hardware you should be able to install Acumatica.

to resurrect an old question…

i need a portable Acumatica dev environment, that is occasionally off the grid, so no access to remote servers or sql server instances.

prior to silicon (m1, m2, etc) chips on macbooks, i used VMWare to run windows server VM with sql server and acumatica installed, and it worked great on my macbook pro, outperforming any windows-based laptop i could find.   

when it was time to replace that macbook, m1/m2 chips were out, but no good ARM solutions for windows, so i bought a (pricey) dell windows laptop.  i miss the battery life and performance of a macbook...

microsoft now has an official ARM version of windows, but to date no ARM version of sql.  i know it is not officially supported, but has anyone used Parallels to run ARM version windows with IIS and Acumatica, using Docker to run SQL server on their mac?   

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Hi @jim71, I have used docker, it is fairly simple to set up with the below video.

Run Microsoft SQL Server on a Mac (M1/M2) (

if you have an M3/M4 chip, this should work too it is a relatively older video, but works.

However, just as a point of caution, I had to install rabbitMQ and Erlang separately for the local instance to run.



thanks for the info.  and good to know about rabbitMQ and Erlang.     (fwiw, youtube being what it is, after watching the video from your link, youtube now suggests to me other more recent sql-with-docker videos... the docker/sql install process has not changed).



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