I am looking for post-Install Acumatica configuration steps template or best practices

  • 15 February 2024
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First, before pointing me to them, I have already completed Acumatica badges for System Administration and Implementation Project Mgmt.  Those modules did not answer my question.

What I am looking for, is if there is some kind of Acumatica standard set of steps/procedures that must be followed for setting up an ERP system.
For example, here are some very ‘high level’ steps that I have created on my own below, but am looking if Acumatica has something like this as a template or even an Excel spreadsheet of.  However, I am looking for something MUCH more detailed, like, “Before setup of GL, need to setup Project Account Groups”

  1. Configure Company Information
  2. Define Chart of Accounts
  3. Configure General Ledger
  4. Set up Branches and Business Accounts
  5. Define Users and Security Roles
  6. Configure Employees and Users
  7. Define Customers and Vendors
  8. Configure Inventory
  9. Setup Sales and Purchase Documents
  10. Define Tax Settings
  11. Customize Screens and Workflows
  12. Integrate with External Systems (if applicable)
  13. Data Migration (if applicable)
  14. Training
  15. Testing
  16. Go Live
  17. Monitor and Optimize

Does anyone know if something like that exists?


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@NetAdmin42 - Sounds like what you’re looking for are the implementation checklists.  Those do exist, and there’s even ones that are edition specific.  You can find them in the documentation section of the builds directory of your specific version located here:



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It’s not in template or spreadsheet form, but I’d recommend looking at the implementation guide. They include an implementation checklist with mandatory and recommended configurations for each functional area.

I think you’ve got a great list started and could fill in a lot of the details and steps based on the mandatory configurations in the implementation guide!

Would love to see what you come up with!

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@jamesh you beat me to it! I didn’t realize they were available in the builds directory as well. Great to know!

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@jamesh you beat me to it! I didn’t realize they were available in the builds directory as well. Great to know!

@bcameron Haha Yeah, I love these PDF copies instead of the web-based ones.  Easier to search in my opinion. ;) 


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