How to change the Font on Acumatica hosted site?

  • 5 February 2021
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We are a manufacturing company and deal with a lot of numbers! Actually, we all do in business!  Zero’s and alignment issues cause a great amount of strain on the end-user..headaches a lot of them don’t realize they can fix with a monospace font!


I’ve changed the ‘Editor Font’ settings under Site Preferences, both on Acumatica hosted and a site our Partner hosts for us, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.  Luckily Acumatica seems to include most Windows default fonts, which have a few monospace fonts, but how do we get them to display?  They would be particularly useful on the default Generic Inquiry Entry Screens with tables of numbers and letters.  Also, it seems in order to get custom fonts on Reports, the font must already be on the server?  Things like Shipment Number SHI01125 are ripe for confusion with Arial.  Luckily the default font choices do work on the Reports.


The site is making this request (on both sites respectively):


but getting a 404 response.




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Hello @Noah, sorry for the long reply.

The information about preinstalled SaaS font can be found here:


Which fonts are installed by default in Acumatica SaaS environments?


Acumatica SaaS implementations include all standard fonts included with the current version of Microsoft Windows Server plus additional fonts for MICR printing and barcoding listed below.

  • MICRE13B regular
  • MICR Encoding Regular
  • PrecisionID MICR Regular
  • Free 3 of 9 (barcode)
  • CarolinaBar-B39-25F2 Normal

A list of fonts included on Windows Server is maintained by Microsoft at:

Customers who maintain their own server on a private cloud deployment (PCP and PCS) can access MICR fonts at


Can I install additional fonts on my Acumatica server?

Private Cloud customers: (PCP and PCS) can install fonts that they license through the normal font installation process.

Dedicated SaaS customers: may request the addition of a font by opening a support case. A fee may apply. 

Standard SaaS customers: Acumatica’s policy is not to install fonts into shared environments because the font will become available to all customers – which may violate the customer license agreement. Customers which require a non-included font should make a suggestion on which includes the font name and an explanation of why standard fonts will not work.

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Thanks Irina!  Your posts and replies are always amazing and super appreciated! 


The information about preinstalled SaaS font can be found here:


Unfortunately that link does not work for me.  I understand levels of support got turned off awhile back for lower tier license holders, but product FAQs seems like a silly one to lock away from some paying users.  As demonstrated here, it clogs up employee time in other ways like having to answer questions on the forum :yum:


I am still wondering why changing the Editor Font setting under Site Preferences doesn’t have any effect.  It is supposed to, correct?  I’ve put the size to 7 on our SaaS site (build 20.106.0005) and a site I installed locally (build 20.114.0020).  It should have the font on the SaaS site, as per the FAQ, and I know it is on our local Server.  No matter what I change it to everything is Arial 13px.   It doesn’t look like any CSS rules are generated to override the default site.css body font-family: Arial,"Helvetica Neue",Helvetica,sans-serif; rule.


I am probably going to write local css rules for our employees who’s eyes are straining, but these are not only workstation specific, they are browser specific, which is not a solution for organizations larger than ours.


Can anyone confirm that this setting works at all for them?

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What are the instructions and troubleshooting steps if you want to install MICR Font for Checks on local server for private hosted site?


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