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  • 3 June 2022
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Hi, looking for help on customizing invoice and sales order forms. I’d like to add the existing customer phone number and email address to the printed form. 




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7 replies

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Hi Dani

Do you have a mock-up of where you'd like to add the fields?

You can make the changes using Report Designer

Here’s an example using the Billing Contact Phone number.  Add the text box and select the Phone1 field.


Here is some additional info on Report Designer

Printed forms are developed with the Acumatica Report Designer app. You can use this app for modifying existing forms as well.

Here is link to the documentation

Also, you can reference the S150 Report Designer course at Open Uni




Where do I find the report designer? 


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Hi Dani

You’ll need to download Acumatica Tools from and download the version specific to your build.  



Here is a link to how to install Acumatica ERP Tools



The Report Designer utility takes some time to learn however lots of great on-line videos and tutorials are available

Let me know if you need some help


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One tip, ensure your User ID has the Report Designer role.  This will allow you to edit a report from the screen


Be sure to save to a NEW version (there will be a checkbox in Report Designer) when you save the report) and always select the report from the Report Versions tab if you want to make more changes.   

Save often!  

I recommend you make changes to a test tenant and once working move the report to the live tenant 😁

Especially as you are doing your first few reports


My user ID does not have the “Edit Report” button on it. Is this in the user roles?




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Hi Dani

ReportDesigner is one of the pre-defined roles.  You can always open the report directly from Report Designer - just need the URL and Report ID - having the ability to edit the report from the screen makes it quicker to open the report .  Go to Users, select your User ID and select the ReportDesigner role.




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Hi Dani,

When saving the changes and selecting Save to Server, enter a description and select Save as new version

You should always save a copy to your local drive in case the changes break the report and it cannot be run.  You’ll be able to restore the original version 



Then to make more changes later, on the Report Versions tab of the form, highlight the version and click Edit Version.   You can also delete it.



Be sure to take some time to review the training material.




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