External Guest User Roles Not Working

  • 28 November 2023
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In Acumatica, we have created a guest role and a corresponding contact user type. The goal is to create users linked to Vendor contacts to allow them to login and see a few inquiries and be able to upload some documents.

If I use Login as User to see the what access they have, it works exactly as I intend. However, it is impossible to try and login as these users. We always receive an invalid credentials error. Even if we use reset password, the reset password ends up saying invalid credentials as well somehow. I know it’s trying to log the correct user in because the failed password attempt counter does increment in the database. Equally, login via email address does not work at all. It says invalid credentials as well and doesn’t increment the failed password counter in the database (and yes, I did create the user after enabling login via email setting)


Failed login with external user


If I compare the setup I did to say the standard portal user role and type and read through the docs, the role and user type appears setup correctly. This has happened on two separate on premise installs and instances.


Is there any special setup that needs to be done that is not documented?







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4 replies

We are getting the same error message and have tried everything.  We verified the roles work for a NON guest account. 

We just began experiencing this issue.  Did you get this fixed?


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We’re having the exact same issue trying to create guest roles.

Were you able to find a solution?

Basically though it’s not mentioned officially (and not mentioned by support either), you can repurpose the customer portal for your vendor contacts tied to a guest type user account. This is what we ended up realizing we could do. If you don’t have a customer portal instance, you basically can’t use guest roles. 


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