Do I have the option to turn on/turn off automation schedule history log?

  • 7 December 2020
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        For example, the system are having a scheduler “send all emails” at 2 minutes interval.

        Yes, the execution log is helpful for troubleshooting. However, it might also cause a lot of records that are not quite useful.

         Can I turn on/ turn off for each scheduler the log?
        Or can system automatically clean the historical log that are more than like 30 days ago?


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Hi @ray20 ,

For each scheduler, we can keep a full history or specific number of log records by using “Execution to Keep in History” setting in the Automation Schedules screen. Please find the screenshot for reference.


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@naveenb74  Thank you, 
       But you see, I did NOT check the “keep full history”

          But It logs anyway


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According to official feedback, the executions itself would be logged eveytime it be executed.


The setting you highlighted just control the system how many execution details that would be kept.


The detail official feedback is as below:

  • By Default, Automation Schedules will log executions, these executions are shown on the Automation Schedules History screen
  • Clicking into executions will display the log history of these Automation Schedules (as seen in your image)
  • "Executions to Keep in History" means how many executions have details when you click into them - this cannot be set to 0 thus you must always have the latest execution detail history
  • "Keep Full History", if check-marked, means that all executions will have details within them, unchecked means that only the number of executions specified in "Executions to Keep in History" will show details and all older execution details will be automatically deleted.


The above information can also be found within the help guide for Automation Schedules Form

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Thank a lot @ray20 for the detailed information. 


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