DeviceHub reaching API Login Limit

  • 11 January 2022
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I have DeviceHub configured successfully with printers, but when I add a usb scale it exceeds the API request limit all on its own after a minute or two. 

Seems like devicehub is updating the SMScale table with the scale weight, but then forgetting to log itself out after??

Does anyone have any ideas? TY!!




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7 replies

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As far as I know this has been fixed in the new version of the product. Which version do you have? Could you try the latest version?

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@dnaumov We are running SaaS 21.114.0030 and I got DeviceHub from here:


Do we need to update Acumatica in order for this feature to work?



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it looks like you have a recent version. 

I think it worth creating a support case for investigation.

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Hi @xkylewrightx were you able to resolve this? Thanks!

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Hey @Chris Hackett 

No I have not found a solution


thank you

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Acumatica might want to reconsider it’s use of rate limiting for the API. What exactly is achieved by this?

I have found that logging in and out programmatically in-between calls(synchronous) solves any problems like this, including if you only have a single user.

But honestly, what is Acumatica incentivizing here with this strategy? Making API based calls to the database flaky so that systems don’t work right and customers get mad and move to a different product? What are they worried about? If you had unlimited REST API calls, maybe you could build your own front end and not have to pay Acumatica? Does anyone think that’s going to happen?

What is the strategy here? Licenses are tied to REST API calls, and therefore we’ll incentivize the purchase of more licenses? Why not just sell an appropriate number of concurrent REST API licenses, and then customers can decide what they need, rather than this opaque and error prone system?

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@rosenjon  the reason here is that we don’t have unlimited computational resources. So, we try to limit API calls (and other things) so it does not hang the system and so it does not cause the UI to behave slower. 

Also, we cannot reconfigure hardware on the fly, so we cannot do the after the fact consumption based billing here. 


If you have any ideas on how to make that more user friendly I invite you to share the ideas in


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