Database could not be accessed error

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We encountered this error in our staging Environment.

We have multiple staging sites on the server.


Lets say we have, which points to DB1 And Stage.MyCompany.Com/Stage2 points to DB2

Stage.MyCompany.Com/Stage2 works, but Stage.MyCompany.Com gets the “Database could not be accessed” error.

They all use the same App Pool, and all have no issues except for the main staging site.

We know it is not a database issue because if we use switch Stage.MyCompany.Com/Stage2 to use DB1,  it works.   And if we switch Stage.MyCompany.Com to use DB2, it still shows the  “Database could not be accessed” error.

We are using version 2021R1 Version 21.103.0054

Is there way where we can trace what is causing the error?







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Hi @mwong11,

What is the full error message?

Are you using integrated security or SQL Server username/password?

In SQL Server, have you set the proper access rights to the database for the application pool user or SQL user account?

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Hi Gabriel,

The error is below.

It is not DB permissions error because we have 2 sites on the same server, using same App Pool, and both using Integrated Security.

Both are on same Acumatica version but with different customizations activated.

The Stage instance points to StageDB database

The Stage/Stage2 instance points to DB1 database

Stage/Stage2 Works with DB1, and If I change it to point to StageDB instead of DB1, it still works.  Because it is using same App Pool and both using Integrated security, I eliminated that it is DB access issue.

But on Stage instance, if I change the DB from StageDB to DB1, it still shows the error “Database could not be accessed” which suggest is not Database permissions issue, but code in Stage issue.  However I do not know how to get additional info to trace the issue.



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@mwong11 Did you ever figure out what the issue was with this? I just created a site. I restored a backup to it supplied by Acumatica SFTP folder and I am getting this same message at the login screen.

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this was a while ago so I am recalling from memory. 
Are you able to test if it’s permissions issue or not?

I believed I just restored to another (different) db name and connected Acumatica to the new db 



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Hi @nhorvathNAW 

Try perform database maintenance by just reselecting the DB instance using Acumatica configuration wizard. That should update the DB server details of the instance. Here is the documentation link for the step I am referring to.

Hope this helps.


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@vkumar @mwong11 I was able to get this resolved by performing database maintenance. I selected the repair database option as well. Not sure if it was needed, but it is not working and I am able to log into my instance.


Marking @vkumar’s update as the solution may benefit others in the future!





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