Customization Project to File Upload in Requests RQ301000

  • 19 December 2021
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I am trying to add a customization project so that I can use the file upload action in Requests (RQ301000). 

I am using  Acumatica 2020 R2 Build 20.218.0021 for my test project. I work in a cloud only subsidiary acumatica client. In that environment, I’m working under Acumatica 17.200.0401

I have the customization project saved, validated and published. When I try to use the file upload icon from the Request Form, I receive an error. In the 2020 Build, the error reads, “local host says, data is absent.”  In the acumatica subsidiary client build under 17.200.0401 Build I receive an error that reads, “An unhandled exception has occurred in the function 'MoveNext'. Please see the trace log for more details.”

The trace log reads, “An unhandled exception has occurred in the function 'MoveNext'. Please see the trace log for more details.

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at PX.Data.PXImportAttribute.PXImporter`1.MoveEventsToImportGraph(PXGraph importGraph) in C:\Source\Acumatica\6_30\NetTools\PX.Data\Maintenance\Attribute.cs:line 2867
   at PX.Data.PXImportAttribute.PXImporter`1.AskColumnAssociations() in C:\Source\Acumatica\6_30\NetTools\PX.Data\Maintenance\Attribute.cs:line 2828
   at PX.Data.PXImportAttribute.PXImporter`1.RunWizard() in C:\Source\Acumatica\6_30\NetTools\PX.Data\Maintenance\Attribute.cs:line 2180
   at PX.Data.PXImportAttribute.ImportWizard(PXAdapter adapter) in C:\Source\Acumatica\6_30\NetTools\PX.Data\Maintenance\Attribute.cs:line 3323
   at PX.Data.PXAction`1.RunHandler(PXAdapter adapter) in C:\Source\Acumatica\6_30\NetTools\PX.Data\Descriptor\Action\PXAction.cs:line 908
   at PX.Data.PXAction`1.d__31.MoveNext() in C:\Source\Acumatica\6_30\NetTools\PX.Data\Descriptor\Action\PXAction.cs:line 836
   at PX.Data.PXAction`1.d__31.MoveNext() in C:\Source\Acumatica\6_30\NetTools\PX.Data\Descriptor\Action\PXAction.cs:line 778
   at PX.Web.UI.PXBaseDataSource.tryExecutePendingCommand(String viewName, String[] sortcolumns, Boolean[] descendings, Object[] searches, Object[] parameters, PXFilterRow[] filters, DataSourceSelectArguments arguments, Boolean& closeWindowRequired, Int32& adapterStartRow, Int32& adapterTotalRows) in D:\source\Acumatica\NetTools\PX.Web.UI\Controls\Data\DataSource.cs:line 2458
   at PX.Web.UI.PXBaseDataSource.ExecuteSelect(String viewName, DataSourceSelectArguments arguments, PXDSSelectArguments pxarguments) in D:\source\Acumatica\NetTools\PX.Web.UI\Controls\Data\DataSource.cs:line 1893.”



I don’t know how to code. I realize I probably need to add the PX.Data.PXImportAttribute to the customization project, but I just don’t know how to do that. Is there a ready made customization for uploading excel files to Requests? 

Any advice or assistance is appreciated.



2 replies

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Hi, what data view are you trying to add the button to? The main detail grid?

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Hi @lford were you able to resolve your issue? If not please provide @kyle0 with requested information. Thanks!


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