access to message queuing system is denied

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I have restored a tenant in another instance, all the screens seem to be working perfectly except for SO301000.

I am getting an error “access to message queuing system is denied” when saving Sales Orders.

Error: Access to Message Queuing system is denied.
  Raised At: 19/03/2021 14:22:05 Screen: SO.30.10.00 Command: Save  
19/03/2021 14:22:05 Error:
Access to Message Queuing system is denied.

   at System.Messaging.MessageQueue.SaveQueueProperties()
   at System.Messaging.MessageQueue.set_MaximumQueueSize(Int64 value)
   at PX.Data.PushNotifications.MsmqQueueBase.CreateAdminQueueIfNotExists()
   at PX.Data.PushNotifications.MsmqQueueBase.EnsureInnerQueue()
   at PX.Data.PushNotifications.MsmqQueueBase.Send(Message message, Nullable`1 transactionType)
   at PX.PushNotifications.PrimaryQueue.MsmqPrimaryNotificationQueue.BeginTransaction(Guid correlationId)
   at PX.Data.PXTransactionScope.PrepareToCommitToQueue()
   at PX.Data.PXTransactionScope.Dispose()
   at PX.Data.PXGraph.Persist()
   at PX.Objects.SO.SOOrderEntry.PersistImpl()
   at PX.Objects.SO.SOOrderEntry.Persist()
   at PX.Objects.Extensions.PaymentProfile.PaymentProfileGraph`2.Persist(Action base)
   at PX.Objects.SO.GraphExtensions.SOOrderEntryExt.CreatePaymentAPIExt.Persist(PersistDelegate baseMethod)
   at PX.Data.PXSave`1.d__2.MoveNext()
   at PX.Data.PXAction`1.d__30.MoveNext()
   at PX.Data.PXAction`1.d__30.MoveNext()
   at PX.Web.UI.PXBaseDataSource.tryExecutePendingCommand(String viewName, String[] sortcolumns, Boolean[] descendings, Object[] searches, Object[] parameters, PXFilterRow[] filters, DataSourceSelectArguments arguments, Boolean& closeWindowRequired, Int32& adapterStartRow, Int32& adapterTotalRows)
   at PX.Web.UI.PXBaseDataSource.ExecuteSelect(String viewName, DataSourceSelectArguments arguments, PXDSSelectArguments pxarguments)

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Hi, @karenm48,

Are you getting that issue, while saving the Sales Order manually on the screen or you creating the Sales Order using REST API?

Any PushNotifications have you created for the Sales Order screen DAC?

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Hi @Naveen B ,

I get the error when creating the sales order manually.

No, there are no push notifications configured.

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Hi, @karenm48 But the error is talking about the access of MSMQ denied from the Sales Order screen.

Have you found any failed records in the “Process Push Notifications” screen?


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Hello @karenm48 ,

One of the possible solutions is described here


And here (see the second and third answers):

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Hi, is that issue fixed? 

We have exact same problem too, and i’ve check Process Push Notifications and nothing. 
I’ve check all those 3 links and nothing worked either. 
Funny thing is we start to get that error 2 days ago. 

I’m starting to wonder if Windows update cause those issues. 

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Hello @jsung83 ,

This is not an Acumatica bug. You should check with your database admin the MSMQ settings.

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Just in case other needs help, it seems like recent windows update change and drop the permission on.  In our case, we are using service called “acumatica” to handle those.  Since it’s virutal account, you cannot add it from screen, you need to run powershell to add back in. 

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Hello @jsung83 , fantastic that you located the root cause!

Could you please advise the version of Windows (update) causing the issue?


‘Just in case other needs help, it seems like recent windows update change and drop the permission on.’


which permission? the Adminqueue?


We’ve a similar issue, mostly when processing vouchers we’ve loaded via Excel.

Again, the queue permissions are suspect. ‘DefaultAppPool’ doesn’t appear in two of them, being replaced by what looks like the GUID of a roaming profle.


That GUID does appear in the permissions for Acumatica itself, in IISManager, along with DefaultAppPool, Never see a WebApp set up this way.



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Just my 2 cents, we ran into this issue this week while upgrading our customer on PCP instance and we ran into this post.
Our issue was related to creating a new instance in 2020 R2 and during the install we got lazy and selected existing app pool from 2019R2 and that threw us into this wild chase, after reading some of the troubleshooting tips here we decided to create a new instance with a new pool for IIS and that seemed to resolve our issue of “access to message queuing system is denied”” on documents in our case prepare invoice wasn’t working so that took care of it ...

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Thank you all for the above contributions. They helped me to solve the issue. 

From all suggestions , I got the issue solved after deleting and recreating the Portal instance. Also, when installed the portal, instead of using my Windows user with Administrator rights, I decided to use the native Administrator user and noticed that the install of the portal had issues with setting permissions of sub folders in /Acumatica ERP. Once I granted fAdministrator with full control to folder /Acumatica ERP, then the install completed smoothly with no warnings and no errors with notifications using MSMQ.


Like some of you, I was surprised to earn that Acumatica ERP uses MSMQ even if you do not use Push Notifications. So, it seems that MSMQ must be installed in the Windows server. The help pages for Push Notifications mentions installing MSMQ only if you want to define Push Notifications manually/cluster. This is somehow misleading as I understand now that MSMQ must be up and running with the right permissions on the server as a pre-requisite for Acumatica ERP install. 

By the way, the System Administrator guide does not mention MSMQ at all. 

Thanks you again !

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Was struggling to fix same problem on our test environment.

Thanks to Acumatica support (Missy Main) for great advise and resolving the issue:

IIS → Application Pool → Select your pool → Advance Settings → Identity → Custom account → add server’s administrator account.

In Message Queuing all Administrators already have full access privilege.

Restart the pool.

It works!!!!


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