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  • 11 October 2022
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Hi all,


Anyone knows which access rights to control the Audit History under the TOOLS? I know there is a role named Field-Level Audit for it. But I want to know the access rights. 




Best answer by Kandy Beatty 11 October 2022, 20:35

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7 replies

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Hi @larryly if you’ve looked at Audit History screen in User Security module. In Audit History, select the screen Access Rights by Role, 


Check below article for reference 


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HI @larryly 

You can look on the user rights by role and see what is allowed for that:



Here is also the help documentation on Audit, it may help you:

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@manikantad18 Thank you. I’m not looking for the screen access rights. I’m looking for the command line under the TOOLS. 

@kbeatty21 Thank you. I found the answer from the documentation. 


  • A user views the audit trail for a particular record directly from the audited form, to which the user needs to have access. The predefined Field-Level Audit role should be assigned to this user, which causes the Audit History command on the Tools menu of the form title bar to become available to the user. The user can open any audited form, select a document created by using the form, and click Tools > Audit History to view the audit trail for the selected document.
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@larryly is your previous responding confirming that the only way to access the Tools>Audit History is to use the predefined “Field-Level Audit” role? Is there no way to edit Access Rights by Role/Screen to enable this access?

cc: @brittanycoutermash23 

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@cshaheen26 I think so. I didn’t find any role/screen to control it. 

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I hope this helps for future inquiries of this kind, I found an easy way to find that Field Level Audit Role’s access rights. 

However, granting access to a new role with the same rights does not allow field level audit, that would more than likely be a back-end trigger that is built in with the Out of Box field level audit role. 

Here is the step I took to successfully view the rights of that role, perhaps this information can be useful for future (this is basically expanding further on Kandy’s answer)

  1. Select the role in “Access Right by Role” Screen, and then click the top level node. Scroll through the list (or try filtering) until you find any role OTHER than ‘not set’
  2. Once that is found, click on the node for that in the tree on the left, and filter (or scroll) until again, you find anything other than ‘not set’. Seen here it shows “help” is granted, however the node above said “Multiple Rights”. I am not seeing any other access right other than this one for help which is granted. This leads me to believe that the access to field level audit role is not listed in the tree, and cannot be controlled by any other role. 



One thing that you can test even further, is to use the “copy Role” function.

Perhaps that can give access to control a copy of that role, and maybe it will automatically pull the access we do not see, but that definitely would need to be tested for confirmation if a copy of field level access role can be modified/used for the same purpose as the built in one. 

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Thank you for those details @Missy Main! We will definitely give it the old college try :) 


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