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  • 16 March 2023
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Has anyone found a way to use one of the 4 out-of-the-box Synchronization Type settings (FTP, HTTP, Shared Folder, or SFTP) to sync a file with Office 365 OneDrive?


7 replies

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Hi, I have the same question.


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Hi @TimRodman,


You can refer the below link.


Hope it helps!



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@sweta68 Is OneDrive an FTP server?

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Tim, I actual started playing with this a few weeks ago with AirTable  and created an HTTP link to download a Table we use to track time for a project and it updates a data provider

I am then using the imported csv file to create appointments for a project.  I set an automation schedule to get the latest version every Monday afternoon (after all approvals are done) then a second automation to run the import scenario with the csv file right after. 


The file sync was easier than I thought for HTTP.  I put a sanitized screenshot of my configuration below if anyone is intrested. 

First manually upload a copy of the file you want to use.  In my case as a data provider.  then go to File Maintenance Screen (SM202510) from Tims screenshot above.  Under the tab Synchronization check Sync, Pick the Type and enter the path for your file or folder and any login info needed. 

For me I used CSVGetter to create a static link I could pull an updated table from each time I need it. for my import. 

Hope that helps.   This is a heck of a lot easier than in my case using a long string of API calls to Create, Start, Complete and Close appointments with an import scenario. 


I would love to hear other ways its being used!  OneDrive would be amazing

Cheers,  Greg


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Hi @greglang, I love Airtable, but didn’t know about Very cool! And what a great site name!


In my case, I’m looking to export Acumatica data into a CSV file in OneDrive. The reason is that Power BI can ingest CSV files really quickly. Using a CSV would bypass the need to stand up a Data Warehouse and worry about data types, etc.

It seems this function has not release. Please view the link and vote for this option

One Drive Integration for file uploading | Community (

What storage platforms work for HTTP file sync? OneDrive for business does not include the embed features. We would like to sync to a cloud-based storage platform for stock item and template item product data. 


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