Mass Reversing (Void) Transactions

  • 12 July 2021
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One of our clients has imported and then posted several hundred bank transactions (they imported twice). As far as I know, the best way to void them out would be to create an import that reverses the transactions. If anyone knows a better way, please let me know. 

I have created the integration but keep getting an error that it cannot save or release the transaction. I have followed the steps exactly in Acumatica and I can manually perform them, but the integration seems to be having an issue. All I am trying to do is import a list of the transactions that need voided and tell the system to reverse them. Maybe because it is creating a new transaction by reversing?

Any thoughts or ideas would be help. Thank you!



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5 replies

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Hi @rebeckamckinney53 If you are trying to Reverse the existing batches, you don’t have to put them on Hold. Try removing the highlighted line, and try. Since you are placing the newly generated transaction on HOLD , the release button is disabled.(Error mentions the reason)


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Thank you for the input! I had that entered because the transaction was On Hold when it was created. I took it away but was still getting an error. I then went and changed the settings so that transactions on entry were not on hold but balanced. It was able to import. Its strange because it still won’t release the document but it does save it in the balanced status. (I get the error “Original Document has already been released.”) That is good enough for me. I will just use the release transactions window to post them all at once.


Thank you!

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Hi @rebeckamckinney53 Glad to know that your issue is resolved. Thanks for marking as Solved.


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This mass action (reverse and apply to (resulting) memo) can also be accomplished via the GI (images from 2023 R2):


After the above action, the resulting Credit Memo(s), waiting to be released/applied, can be processed en-masse from the Release AR Documents process form.


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Hi @tomfahres51 Sounds good!


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