Microsoft Teams Integration Ready for Managed Availability! Searching for Customers

  • 10 November 2021
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Hello ISV’s, partners, and customers,

We are getting ready for our Microsoft Teams integration to enter Managed Availability! As a result, we are looking to identify a few customers who would be ideal candidates to help provide feedback on this integration between Microsoft Teams and Acumatica. The integration will be available as a customization.


Watch the demonstration below or on Wistia to learn about the key features and benefits of this integration.


An ideal candidate for this particular integration would be customers who have an IT team/resource or if their IT operations are outsourced who can create some access rights and permissions. Specifically, the following capabilities are required:

  • Need to be able to create a user with a Teams Administrator Role in Azure
  • Need to be able to create a Microsoft Graph API application and configure OAuth security. Click “Show Content” below for the full list of permissions for Graph API. 
API / Permissions name Description
Channel.ReadBasic.All Read the names and descriptions of channels
ChannelMessage.Send Send channel messages
Chat.Create Create chats
ChatMessage.Send Send user chat messages
Files.Read.All Read all files that user can access
GroupMember.Read.All Read group memberships
offline_access Maintain access to data you have given it access to
Presence.Read.All Read presence information of all users in your organization
Sites.Read.All Read items in all site collections
Team.ReadBasic.All Read the names and descriptions of teams
User.ReadBasic.All Read all users’ basic profiles



If you are an interested customer, please comment below as well as reach out to your reseller/partner.

If you are a partner/ISV, please leave a comment below as well as follow the instructions over on the Managed Availability Overview page to create an Acumatica Presales Support Case with the appropriate information. 

Looking forward to working with you all as we roll out this exciting integration!

34 replies

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When will Microsoft Teams be released to all Acumatica customers?  

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@dougmcbride79 we are now targeting 23R1 release. This will be available as an experimental feature which would be part of the core Acumatica product. Users will have the option to opt in and use this integration if desired. 

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Thank you

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@Omar Ghazi is MS Teams integration now in the core for 2022 R2?  Is there a package?



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@gmercede it’s not part of the core yet. We are now targeting 23R1 release and it will be an experimental feature (opt in/out) when it’s part of the core Acumatica product. 

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Is there a build for 22R2?

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@gmercede yes, you should’ve directly received an email from us regarding this on Oct 6th. There was also a case opened for this by a colleague of yours and we provided the link to the 22R2 build via that case as well. Thanks!

One option would be a simple tel: href link then it will work in whatever the client has set up to handle phone numbers, Teams included.

We’re interested!  We have experience with Teams admin and Graph API


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