Automation schedule for emailing customer statements - what should the filter date be set to?

  • 1 November 2021
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Hello! I’ve setup an automation schedule to email customer statements. I have the system setup to prepare the statements on the 1st of the month at 5am and then email the customer statements at 5:30am. On the email statements automation schedule, the filters tab shows the statement date as relative and shows the date I initially setup the schedule up as, but it looks like since it’s relative, it would have inputted todays date of the 1st. None of the emails sent this morning. What do I need to set the statement date filter to? Technically the statement date should have been yesterday, but I’m not sure how to set the date filter to @Today-1 on this screen since it doesn’t give the option.


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You’ve probably already checked this, but it’s caught me before: under the details tab in the Automation Schedule, make sure that the check box for “No Execution Limit” is checked. Schedules default to execute one (1) time only.


If that’s not the problem, perhaps you could post a screen shot of your schedule.


Good luck!

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Hi @jayg63! Execution limit is set to no execution limit. I think it has to do with the date in the filters, but I’m not sure what it needs to be set to. See below. Yesterday the date showed 10/10, so it did roll over a day. I need it to only go one day behind today, so when it triggers on the 1st, it uses the date of the 31st as the statement date.



I am running into the same issue with Automation Schedule Printing or Emailing Statements every 15 days.
Automation Schedule to Prepare EOM Statement Cycle every 1st and 15th of the month runs and works.
Automation Schedules to Print or Email says it runs when you look at the history, but it doesn’t send emails out or prints automatically. When I manually do the Print Statement - Print or email, it works. I have recreated the schedules more than once as suggested in another post, still no luck. I have changed filters, conditions, still nothing.


Here is a list of the 4 that do not work (red)



Taking as an example the most recent transaction I tried running as of 4/15/2022- this one says it executed 4/15 at 5am


These are the filters:


and the schedule:


History shows- as Processed, w/o errors, but count 0



I had to Print Statement, Action Email manually. It ran in 30 mins and all emails were sent.



Same thing with Printing


Any other suggestion or knows issue I still haven’t ran into, please share.

Thank you, W

Hello. To have yesterday date in this field you should:
Check on Relative checkbox and select in datepicker date yesterday date for your current business date:

It is described in help,

but I should say that this discription is not clear one.

I apologize for the inconveniences.


I’ve tried twice already (2 dff. cycles/2 diff. dates) with no luck after making changes from suggested comment above- Date being a day before business date, marked as Relative.

This time the Prepare Statement that worked last time, didn’t this time. Something still off. 

What do I do?

Thank you.

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I am also unable to get an automation of the print statements to send emails despite no trouble when I manually use screen AR.50.35.00.

I had to open a case with Acumatica and after it was escalated to Level 2, I received a fix for the version my client works with and that worked. I had to get them access to our site, they tested and came up with a zip file I had my developers upload thru customization.

I worked for weeks, until yesterday :( Which I am now trying to figure out why or if I have to re-open the case. 


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