Apply IIF statement in 'To:' field in Notification template

  • 3 August 2022
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hi, have anyone tried using iif statement or any condition expression in the ‘to:’ field to obtain the email address? As I’m using workgroup for the approval and thinking if I can use Iff statement to get the email address. e.g Iff(workgroup=procurement, ‘email’, 0)


4 replies

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Has anyone figured out a way to get conditional statements on notification templates? 


I can see in report designer that we could resolve the To: address in report designer but I’m not seeing an option for the From: account


We have two companies setup in Acumatica, we’re able to call bring the company logo and contact info into documents from Branch/Company settings, but I’m not seeing any defaults for system email account by company or branch. I don’t see a  From: option in report designer and I don’t see a way to add conditional statements in Notification Templates


I would have expected that the Sales Order preferences settings would have taken care of this:


But that does not seem to work



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@kyle90 Did you ever figure out how to set the From: address?

Doug Johnson’s reply on this post: 

shows how to do this using Branches.

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@jechang There is an idea in the Community here that can be upvoted: 


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I had not resolved this - but digging back in, it looks like this is not outlined very well in Doug’s response.


First - It doesn’t appear you can edit the Branch ID on the customer or customer class unless you first go to the related preference screen(s).

Here you are able to add additional rows for each relevant document and designate Branch/Default Mailing Account mappings (keeping in mind that SO invoice and AR invoice are on separate screens and it’s likely you’ll want to update SOs, Estimates, Shipping confirmations or whichever documents you’re using).

Once the preference screens have the documents segregated by branch ID, the option to edit the Customer Class and Customer settings is now possible, but it would appear you will need to do this for each customer class/customer/document.

Updating the customer class isn’t going to update the customer class, and it wouldn’t appear this is something we’d easily update with a Mass Update on the customer GI, so next we’ll need to build an import scenario next?!


I’ve attempted a quick test of this with one document for one customer class and already noticing that if you select print>send it isn’t updating the from email address (which is noted on other posts as well) and now I’ve got an error when trying to use the process screen that says CR Error: Email send failed. Notification Settings 'Invoice' not found.


Doesn’t this all seem way too complicated for such a common & simple situation? - we have two companies and we want to have a Default System email account for each branch that all customer communications would be sent from. 


Wouldn't’ this all be a lot easier if there were a single global setting? 


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