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  • 22 October 2021
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Hi All, @Tim Rodman ,


I have setup a Multistep PO Approval where I cant get the second step to work. 

The first step is for two users to approve where I have used the “Collect All Approvals….” (Rule Actions\On Approval which works fine).  If the PO is < $15,000 then it need not go further and can be approved.

The second Step is where I am having the issue.  I have read the documentation and applied the rules but am still having issues. Please see attached for setup.

Any help appreciated.




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5 replies

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Hi @lauracastagna 

Please provide following details:

  • What is happening on second step when when a PO with value >15000 goes through the process? 
  • Is it not moving to second step?
  • Is Company Tree setup? In what level is workgroup ‘rosl’ ( approver of second step )?

Field name on condition tab of second step is not visible (fullname), need to know the field used there. 


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Hi @vkumar,

the PO is not moving onto the Second Step.  The PO is always approving on the First Step no matter what the value.


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I got it to work!  yay!


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Hi @lauracastagna 

Glad you got it to work :)  I would have suggested to keep second level approver a level higher on company tree. What changes fixed the issue?


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I’m having a problem with configuring for multiple department workgroup approvers needed first, then if over 5K multiple approvers from Executive workgroup needed, then if over 10K all approvers from Executive workgroup need to approve.  The problem is that as soon as the first department approver approves, it is immediately approved and changes to open status.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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