Quizzes at Acumatica Open University are now available

  • 22 September 2020
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Hey everyone!

We have recently released quizzes for several courses at Acumatica Open University. Now you can easily check your knowledge after you complete a course and receive a certificate for successful completion. Quizzes can be completed by signed-in users only, so to take a quiz, you will need to sign in to the site with the SSO credentials first.

If you don’t have an SSO account, you can create it on the fly. Here is the link to the instructions:  How can I create an Acumatica Portal account for sign-in to Acumatica Open University?

Quizzes are currently available for the following course:

To find a quiz, in the course catalog, hover over a course card. Courses that contain a quiz, have a special icon on the back side of a card. Please see the screenshot below for details:

Found a course with this icon? Click the card to open the course page. On the course page, in the row with the Course Description tab, you will find the Quiz tab. Move to this tab and start a quiz!

Be careful, you will have only one attempt. If you are not sure about the answer, check the guide first.


If you have any questions, feel free to write them in the comments.


6 replies

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This is fantastic. Customer employees can now be checked about how serious they are in taking the open university courses. Can a supervisor see his/her employee scores?

Also independent consultants who claim that they know the Acumatica ERP, can now be checked. 

Thanks a lot

Toon Six

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Hi @toonsix! It’s nice to hear from you again!

There is no possibility to review someone’s progress on Acumatica Open University. The only way to verify if a person completed the quiz is to contact us so that we could check this in the system. Also, I would pay your attention that this is not a certification but rather checking of one’s knowledge. Customer or developer certification is not planned at Acumatica Open University.

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One nice thing that is available to the student is a “Certificate of quiz completion” so at least they have something to show as proof that they passed the quiz.

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Hi Elena,

I’m a long time ERP consultant and interested in becoming an Acumatica Certified Consultant (“ACC”). Currently, I’ve been studying User Guides and watching Training Videos and have obtained two certificates but I’m not clear what the path is for becoming an ACC.  Could you please help me understand the process? Thank you.


Located in Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Hi @MikeT,

Thank you for your message. I see that our Education Support Engineer has already responded to the same question you sent from the Open University. @NataliaRozhikhina96 will send you additional note to what she said. Stay tuned :) 


How do you show the correct responses on a quiz? I took this quiz today and I failed. I am wondering which answers are wrong.



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