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  • 21 February 2024
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Is there a way to take a snapshot that won’t copy the files in the table “UploadFileRevision”

I’ve noticed that this is the table that’s taking up a significant amount of space in the database and when you copy or restore a snapshot, the other tenant also houses a lot of those records.

would there be a reason to keep that data?  I understand the need to test, but you aren’t retesting the entire system and every single file.

Here’s a screenshot what I’m referring to: 


4 replies

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@iqraharrison48  Please refer to the below link .


The snapshot configurations are stored in \App_Data\SnapshotConfigs. You can create new snapshot configurations based on existing ones.

It’s a simple xml, so to exclude a table you need to add 
    <Exclude  table="TableName" />



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Hi @iqraharrison48 

We dont have a option to exclude certain tables in copying the data from One tenant to other tenant , Like the way we dont have a option to take a snapshot.

Please delete the Upload file revision table to particular data if not needed and copy or take the snapshot.


Delete old snapshot and create a new one and download the file.

Delete the recent taken snapshot or copy the data.

Otherwise In the Snapshot file try to delete the files of tables before importing.


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Hi @iqraharrison48,

Have you tried using Export mode as Full except Attachments?

I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I believe it could be helpful.


Sagar, Greytrix



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This post may be helpful


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