Shipstation vs ShipEngine vs EasyPost

  • 19 October 2021
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I’m looking for a shipping carrier integration with Acumatica and was wondering what the best options are of shipstation, shipengine and easypost? 



7 replies

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Not sure what your requirements are or what features you’re after but I would recommend you take a look at StarShip from VTechnologies - It’s an incredibly powerful shipping tool with great support and a well thought out Acumatica integration. In fact, it was StarShip that first made me aware of Acumatica. We’ve been a client for year’s and have always been very happy with the product. 



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We’ve been using EasyPost and have been pretty impressed with it. Acumatica has done a good job iterating the functionality and adding new and requested features.

At this point there’s only really one issue left for us: we do a lot of exporting and there’s currently no support for specifying a separate customs value vs sale value (which is important for $0 items[e.g., warranty repairs]), and tarriff code… we’ll probably work on getting a customization made to take care of this.



I'd be happy to talk to you about Pacejet - the Built and Fulfilled by Acumatica Shipping software.


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Hi @mkideckel it is preferred to list out the order fulfilling features you are looking for, and have the demos, and decide.


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Hi @mkideckel 

Have you taken a look at StarShip. We have been using them for our customers and they have always taken care of us. Reach out to Lisa Allen (800) 462-4016x237

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Hello @mkideckel, 
Have you looked into Ship/FX? Ship/FX is a multicarrier shipping solution for both parcel and freight. However, Ship/FX functionality spans much farther than just creating a shipping label by also generating the adjoining shipping documents surrounding the label. The solution has an internal form and label engine that can be used to generate bills of lading, drop ship packing lists, GS1 compliance labels, and many more like documents. It is worth checking out during your discover phase!

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Which of these can be implemented in Big Commerce and/or Shopify to quote shipping costs?


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