Shipping - Inaccurate prices (flat rate and regional)

  • 6 July 2021
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Shipping seems to me to be an overlooked area of Acumatica, and I’m not sure why others have not come across this issue.

In summary: We are getting inaccurate shop for rates prices when switching a package in the shipment

This is our box setup, I will demonstrate using a USPS flat rate box

BOX017 = Small Flat Rate Box

 We add the package (box017) in the shipment and attach a weight of 2 lbs

when I shop for rates I get a return price of $7.79. The actual price for a small flat rate USPS box is $7.90

In order to get the correct price to show up, I have to close the window and re-open the shipment. 


If for whatever reason I want to change the box (ex. the large flat rate Box014) and the weight to 3 pounds, the shop for rates screen is frozen to the previous dimensions when I edit the package. Once again, I need to save the document, close the shipment, and re-open to get the correct pricing. Seems like this glitch makes us prone to inaccurate price quotes.


2 replies

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Hello @brendan91,

This is a known issue fixed in 


Hi @brendan91 - Hope the note above helps your issue. If you’re ever interested in exploring  shipping software outside of Acumatica please consider taking a look at StarShip Cloud. Our company has been working with Acumatica for years and has created a tightly integrated shipping solution. If you’re interested in learning more here’s the link: 


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