How-To: Import Shopify Order Notes into Acumatica Sales Order Custom Field

  • 17 May 2022
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Hi All,

In case you have such additional details in your Shopify order and you want to import it into Acumatica with custom field, you can do it with a simple customization.

In Shopify, this data is stored in something that is called Note Attributes

But unfortunately, this data is stored in the Key/Value pair, so it is not easy to map it using the mapping engine.

But we can write the mapping using the code:

public class SPSalesOrderProcessorExt : PXGraphExtension<SPSalesOrderProcessor>
public delegate void MapBucketImportDelegate(SPSalesOrderBucket bucket, IMappedEntity existing);

//MapBucketImport is mapping the eCommerce API object to Acumatica API Object.
public void MapBucketImport(SPSalesOrderBucket bucket, IMappedEntity existing, MapBucketImportDelegate baseMethod)
baseMethod(bucket, existing);

foreach (var detrow in bucket.Order.Extern.NoteAttributes)
if (detrow.Name == "Amazon Order Id")

if (bucket.Order.Local.Custom == null) bucket.Order.Local.Custom = new List<CustomField>();

new CustomStringField()
ViewName = "Document", //Dataview name for the sales order header
FieldName = "UsrField", //Custom field name from the customization
Value = detrow.Value.ValueField()

Please note, the “FieldName = “UsrField”” - this is the place that you need to change to reflect the name of the custom field you use in Acumatica.

Hope it helps.

3 replies

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Thank you for sharing this with the community @smarenich !

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We need to pull the customer order po (Notes Attribute) into the customer order field on the sales order.

I tried creating a formula but it is not returning the data. Is a customer required since the note attributes are available for mapping?


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@dgodsill97 unfortunately, since this data is stored in the Key/Value pair, so it is not easy to map it using the mapping engine. That is why I attached customization. Please try to use the same customization as I have published.


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