Export customer attribute as tag to customer record in Shopify

  • 25 April 2023
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Is it possible to export a customer attribute from Acumatica as a tag to the customer record in Shopify? We have a customer attribute that is a combo type attribute that we would like to send as a tag to Shopify. I’d imagine that should be possible with something like the below:


However, I’m having difficulty testing this; if the above is correct, is there something else we need to set up to make sure this syncs to Shopify when this attribute is updated?


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4 replies

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@estebanperalta54 is this something you can advise on?

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UPDATE: I was able to get the export to work to Shopify as a tag. I did have to manually sync the record so I’m still not sure the best way to trigger this to happen automatically.

The new question is, if I remove the customer attribute in Acumatica it does not appear to remove the tag from Shopify; is this the expected outcome of the connector?

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Hi @mikeho I believe this is the core connector behavior that does not supports deletion of the tags from Shopify. The tags will sync from Acumatica to Shopify but if you remove any tag in Acumatica and re-sync the record then on Shopify the tag remains as it is and will not remove from Shopify record.

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Thank you, @vivekm.


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