BigCommerce Implementation: How to connect to an existing store?

  • 8 April 2022
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Has anyone configured the BigCommerce connector to work with an existing BigCommerce store? Our client has a well established store and wants to connect to their new Acumatica install. We started testing the syncs in a sandbox to see how it would work and have run into errors. With the stock item sync, we can only export from Acumatica to BC, but the items already exist in BC. When we try to sync anyways, the error says the item already exists. Is there a way to somehow map the two together to resolve the sync issue? Any other gotchas we need to look for in configuring the connector for an existing store? Thanks for your help!

6 replies

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@hayleehicks18 the Acumatica-BigCommerce connector will merge stock items from Acumatica to products in BigCommerce by SKU = InventoryID. 

Make sure that the BigCommere SKU is equal to InventoryID in Acumatica, then it won’t export duplicated items. 

Hope it helps.

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Hi there @smarenich! In the example item we’re trying to sync, the two do match. Is there any other settings I need to look at to get the two to connect correctly? Thanks for your quick response!

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@hayleehicks18  could you please show me screenshot of the Stock Item and Product?

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@smarenich Left image is Acumatica and right image is BigCommerce variant screenshot.


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@hayleehicks18 your item in BigCommere is the product with Variants, however in Acumatica you have a stock item. To match product with variants, you should export Template Item in Acumatica.

Do you have template item in Acumatica?

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Hi @hayleehicks18 

Thanks for sharing the screenshot. Definitely see the challenge now.

You’re attempting to sync a standard Acumatica Stock Item to a BigCommerce Product with Variants child item. Instead, you’ll want your BigCommerce Products with Variants to be structured syncronized with Template and Matrix Items inside Acumatica.

Here’s how the two Product types are structured and synchronize:


As I can see from the screenshot, I’d imagine your Acumatica instance already has all the Stock Items. There’s no “easy button” to convert the Stock Items into Parent/Matrix items, but we did build some tools which will make this far easier for you.

You can download a package at the following page which includes documentation, videos and templates to make this process easier for you:

You’ll want to take a look at the “Matrix Item Import Scenario” package.

My recommendation is to download that package, read through the docs and watch the video. Then test 1 product on your dev environment.


NOTE - Possible to sell Variants on BC and Sync with Acumatica without syncing the products

If you’re in a time crunch and this customer needs to go live, it is possible to accept orders from BigCommerce even if these items aren’t sync’ed. As long as the BigCommerce Product Title and SKU match the Acumatica Inventory Description and Inventory ID, when the order comes in, the system will find which product was sold and will add it to the SO in Acumatica.





If you have any additional questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Either here or via a Case (preferable) and our team will sync with you on your exact challenge and work through it with you.


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