OData feed - DataSource Error in Power BI

  • 24 September 2021
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When accessing a GI through OData in PowerBi or Excel, I get the following error message:

DataSource.Error: We couldn't parse OData response result.  Error: Unexpected end of file has occurred. The following elements are not closed: feed. Line 6, position 120.
Does anyone know what this means, and how this can be solved?


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8 replies

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Hi @suemackeown13 Is that GI is with large dataset ?

If yes, add some conditions at GI and make smaller dataset and check once

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Hi. No it is currently only about 4700 records.

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Hi @suemackeown13 ! For this issue I would check to see if there are calculated fields used in expressions which could be throwing an error for a single result or small sub-set of results. I would recommend to simplify the GI results by trimming the results, conditions, or even relations until the GI is able to be loaded via OData and then build back on to it until it is easier to identify which part is triggering the error.

Sometimes I’ve seen something like an expressions which relies on a calculation and can throw a divide by zero error for a single result, which the GI may be able to handle and still display results, but if there are any errors in the GI when attempting to grab over OData this will almost always result in failure.

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Thank you Benjamin. I think that will be the best option, as the GI is quite complex. 

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@suemackeown13 Actually, I was doing some research on a different case and I found that there is a known issue with using ARAdjust table in a GI and then viewing this in OData, same error is generated.

It may be that until the fix version is implemented you will need to use something like ARRegister if possible to get this data, if applicable.

I found adding the $select with the names (captions from the Results Grid) of the GI columns resolved the issue

&$select=ReferenceNbr , Field1, Field2, Field3
&$filter=ReferenceNbr eq '1234567'


I did a bit more work on this. It’s the LineNbr fields that cause the issue so don’t include them in the $select

If you have a look at the meta data for that generic inquiry then you can see that the data type for LineNbr is string and not numeric / integer as you’d expect. 

I was able to resolve my issue by doing the following.  In Power BI ,  I Selected File | Options and Settings | and then Clear Cache. down near the bottom.

I have no idea why that worked,  After I did that, Things worked perfectly.


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