Generic Inquiry Exports! How to show open service orders with no appointments? Or how to count # of appts in GI

  • 25 February 2021
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Looking for help from GI experts! It is very difficult to distinguish between open service orders that have appointments scheduled for the future and open service orders that have appointments that have past or no appointments at all. (In this case, appointment needed = false). 

I’m creating a custom GI called “Appointments on Open Service Orders” that shows me if there are future appointments for a service order or not. This appears to work--I can identify if there are no future appointments, therefore triggering review.

The only issue is it doesn’t show me open service orders that have no appointment at all. Generally, if the service order is open, no appointments are created and appt needed = false, it’s because there is nothing in the Details tab (to trigger appt needed). I can’t figure out how to create a way to catch this (because there are no appointments and no details, so what do you use for GI?).

So, I have two questions: 

  1. Does anybody know how to “catch” open service orders with no appointments? 
  2. Or, does anyone know how to count the number of appointments for a service order?

XML of the GI has been attached. 


Thank you!! 


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Create a GI (the one you sent has too many tables) with service order and appointments joined.

Group by Service Order refnbr and aggregate Count by the result field appointment refnbr


See attached.  This will give you number of appointments

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@gmercede Thank you! I was able to successfully count the number of appointments! The GI I sent I just copied from an existing and didn’t really change touch the tables, but makes sense to clean that up… 

Out of curiosity, would you happen to know if there’s an easy way to return the latest appointment schedule date? See screenshot below. This service order has 6 appts, but I want to know the scheduled start date of the sixth appointment. 



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@gmercede never mind! I just used a MAX formula and it appears to work! 

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Yup max is perfect way to do it!


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