PTO Accruals across calendar years appears to be broken. Double-check your records

  • 25 February 2022
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We've done enough testing of this (trying to find a work around) that it's pretty clear what is happening is a bug and not a misconfiguration/misunderstanding.  We already have a support ticket open, but I wanted to share out situation in case anyone else might be unknowingly having the same symptoms.


Problem appears to occur when the *pay period* crosses the calendar year boundary.  This is because Acumatica breaks it up into two PTO bank records - a 2021 portion and a 2022 portion.  Then the PTO allocated is pro-rated across the payroll week... so in our scenario, with a payroll week from Monday-Sunday, two days are in 2022.  And so our notional 1.54hr PTO weekly accrual gets split into a 2021 portion (1.1hrs) and a 2022 portion (.44hrs).

On that first paystub of the year, we see ONLY the .44hrs allocable to 2022 reflected (same in the PTO Details by Employee Report -- though on THAT report you see the 2021 record broken out, it just isn’t summarized correctly.. I can live with that being a “report design flaw”).  But on the paystub, the “prior year” balance isn’t included).

Only after the second pay period are the 1.1 hours from 2021 properly rolled-over into the employee's bank.. BUT when it does so, it forgets to include the .44hrs (e.g. the first week's PTO accrual amount allocable to 2022 based on the calendar year pro-ration logic). I think this is where the bug manifests.

NOTE: we have negative PTO turned on, and I’m informed by this article that there does appear to be some known bugs in how payroll handles PTO:  Acumatica Payroll PTO Banks adjustment | Community


So in our scenario employees are missing .44hrs moving forward... but for us it isn't as simple as just doing a global adjustment, because based on employee seniority and type we could actually have 6 different accrual rates in effect, so knowing exactly how much to give them back is non-trivial.


At any rate, if you have a pay period that spanned the calendar year and are accruing PTO, watch things really close… I think you could have shorted employees some partial hours without realizing it.







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Thanks for taking the time to write this up and post it to the community as this is very helpful.

Thank you for posting. We had the same issue too after our last upgrade in February and it’s given me a headache! I am glad we maintain a separate worksheet to track and reconcile the PTO balances but this makes me nervous if we were to ever let go of the worksheet, it will be a pain to reconcile!


I hope they fix this soon!

I’m experiencing this issue too and am wondering if Acumatica is working on a fix for this.  Also wondering what the suggested work around is.  It is definitely a problem.

@dmazzullo77 yes this is an identified issue. They are working to correct it and should be fixed in the next couple of builds. I believe if you are on 2022R1, it should be fixed but if you are still on previous versions, we will have to wait for the build release.

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@dmazzullo77  -- We were aware of the issue and PTO had about 4 changes made to it in 21.211, please review the release notes and see if this will fix your problems.

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PTO banks are still broken in 2021 R2 as far as I can tell. This has caused incredible frustration with my client base. 


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