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I have a couple of questions regarding sales persons that are linked to employees which are linked to a user and how to use this set up conveniently in Acumatica. Basically I want the ability for the logged in user to only have access to the orders and customers which they are the default sales person for. This could be in reports, dashboards, GI screens, etc. @ME does not work as a value in the default sales person field.

How can I set up a filter on the sales order screen to view all sales orders with my logged in user as the sales person. I want this filter to automatically default to show the logged in users customers and sales orders without having to set the filter explicitly to that sales person. I’d like the system to detect the salesperson based on the logged in user and reflect this in filters for sales orders. I’ve tried setting Default Sales Person = @ME but that doesn’t work.

My Goal is to provide a filter to my sales persons so they can see all of the orders where they are the salesperson (regardless if they created them or not). I also don’t want them to be able to choose other salespersons. Really, the salesperson should only be able to see their sales orders and not have the ability to set the default salesperson filter to anyone but themselves, nor see other sales persons orders.


How can I accomplish this?

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@bimckenzie have you figured out how to accomplish this? Do you still need help?

I’d like to do this too. I know the Sales Orders GI have a ‘My Sales’ tab. However, I cannot hide the ‘All Orders’ tab in the users profile. How can I keep salespersons from watching office orders? 

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Hi. I would suggest to hide the normal Sales Order GI from the sales team via access rights and then only give them access to GI with Condition on SOOrder.OwnerID = @me. Hope this helps, it worked for us.



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We would love to be able to show our outside salespersons a list of the Sales Orders for which they are the default salesperson and hide all others. To this point, we have not figured out how to accomplish this. 

I’m happy to see other organizations would like to see this implemented. Since we’re unable to hide all sales orders that aren’t assigned to that specific salesperson, it means we have not been able to open up much of Acumatica to our outside sales staff which diminishes its value.

Hoping somebody comes up with a solution to this problem soon.

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Hi @mtreske1 

Create a user profile for the outside sales person, then I would suggest to hide the normal Sales Order GI from the outside sales person via access rights and then only give them access to GI with Condition on SOOrder.OwnerID = @me (see screenshot below). Hope this helps, it worked for us.


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@mtreske1 , just to add on you will need to create a user role that only has access to the limited screens/generic inquiries you would like the outside sales person to see and then link this role to the new user. Setting up access rights by roles is super easy in Acumatica and the Open University has loads of training material on this.


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Unless I’m misinterpreting your instructions, I do not believe your suggestion resolves the issue that the original post nor my organization has. The SOOrder.OwnerID ≠ SOOrder.SalesPersonID.

We would like to grant view only access to salespersons for sales orders in which they are the default salesperson. In this scenario, they are NOT the SOOrder.OwnerID--the Inside Sales Representative is that is actually creating and processing the order.

The “SOOrder.OwnerID = @me” condition would work to show the Inside Sales Representative a list of sales orders they have created, but they could already accomplish that by using the built-in filters on the standard SO generic inquiry.

What we’d actually want is something similar to this (I know this doesn’t work), but I’m not sure how to accomplish it.

I’ve tried the same with SOLine.SalesPersonID on a Sales Order line item level inquiry, but I run into the same problem. The @me doesn’t appear to actually connect to a salespersonID.

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Hi @mtreske1 

Apologies I thought the external sales people captured their own sales in Acumatica. Ok if they dont then you will need create a user for the external sales people.Link their Sales Person ID to their employee profile. Below is an example, I created Employee with department “External Sales” and linked the Salesperson ID to this Employee.


and then on the sales order screen link the following table to the Sales Order GI by SalesPersonID

and add condition EPEmployee.UserID = @me. 



now it just shows the user’s  (that logged in) sales if they are listed under the commission tab of the sales order.

Attached is the Sales Order GI that worked on my side. Note I was playing around in 2021R1 so if you are in other versions then a change might be needed. 


Otherwise if you have a small list of external sales people then you can just create a condition SalespersonID = the ID of the applicable sales person. But then you will need to create a generic inquiry per external sales person and only give each access to the one applicable to them. This is just if you have a few external sales people, if there is a whole list then rather follow the steps above.


Hope this helps.

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Just wanted to follow up and let you know that these instructions worked great, thank you very much. I ended up making a separate “outside sales” sales order inquiry that allows our sales guys to see only their sales order list. That’s awesome. 😁

The thing I’m working with our Acumatica integrators now is how allow these outside sales personnel to drill down into their sales order to see the entry form details WITHOUT giving access to the entirety of SO3010PL. As far as I can tell, the access rights for this (and other similar inquiries like Purchase Order PO3010PL) do not show up as a separate inquiry.

Instead, they’re granted by giving read access to the SO.30.10.00 section. Even if you set every lower level field to Revoked, they’ll still have full view rights on the SO3010PL inquiry. 


So at this point, we’re not able to grant them the ability to drill down into their sales orders. But hopefully we’re able to figure it out soon.

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Hi @mtreske1 


I would suggest to create a separate generic inquiry (just copy and paste the one I shared above) and then only give the External Sales Reps access to this screen and not the original Sales Order Inquiry. Then they will only be able to see their own stuff and drill down into it. The access you can set on the User Role which you then link to the external sales reps profiles. You can choose view only, edit, etc right that they should have.


On the GI I just copied and pasted the previous report as per example below: 


On the above all you need to do is create a new role, changes the access rights to what they are allowed to see, then go to the place where you saved the Sales Order External Sales Generic Inquiry and on the right select the type of access they are allowed to have.


Hope this helps!


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Thanks for the response @bheyns05 .

I did create a separate Generic Inquiry for just Outside Sales, and that is what is working great. 

The issue I’ve run into is that if I want to give the ability for salespersons to drill into the sales order to view information about it, I seem unable to grant this ability to access a view only version of the entry form without granting access to all of SO.30.10.00.

Even if I restrict access to everything below it, they will still see the built-in “Sales Order” under “Transactions”

So at the moment I’ll launch it without the ability to drill into a Sales Order form.

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Hi @mtreske1 

I would then suggest to just add all the detail that they would want to drill in on directly on the generic inquiry. You can add sales order details to the enquiry then they don’t even have to open the sales orders and no other access needs to be given. Or if you want to keep it nice and clean, on 2022R2 you can give access to side panels on a GI so then you can given the external sales team access to view the Sales Order Template (pdf) from the GI via side panel. This way they can click on the sales order and then on the side panel view all details on the Sales Order pdf.


Hope this helps. Have a fun week!

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@bheyns05 thanks for the idea about the side panels. That may be a viable solution--giving the ability to generate the PDF on demand from the GI would be fantastic. 

Thanks again, and have a fun week as well!


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