How to find information on what Purchased Order is created from which production order (through MRP)

  • 4 April 2022
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Have you ever built a GI to show POs that are linked to Production Order, where the PO is raised through the MRP screen? can you please help pointing me to the right direction?

I have a very simple scenario:

  1. User raises a Production Order (through Prod Order Maintenance) for one item, which has 1 component
  2. User regnerates MRP
  3. The component of the item is suggested in MRP Display
  4. User click Purchase - the PO is created

I’m trying to build a generic inquiry to show which PO is raised for which Production Order.

What I have found so far is that:

  1. On the POLine, there’s a PlanID, which I can link to INItemPlan
  2. In INItemPlan, for the same component, there are actually 2 records:
    1. One have a PlanType = Production Demand - this line has a PlanID that is linked to the AMRPDetail table - where I can potentially get the Production Order Number, and this PlanID also linked to AMProdOper table, where I can also get the PO number, but only when the PO is raised through the Critical Material screen (which is not the case, because my PO was raised through the MRP Display screen)
    2. One have a PlanType = POPrepare - this line has a PlanID that is linked to my PO, but I cannot find anything that links back to the Production Order to show the Production Order number.



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The planned order creation is triggered by the projected on hand going negative caused by a demand.  The planned qty is net and may not equal the demand and the net qty is then factored by the order qty modifiers (min/lot size/max). Furthermore, the calculation of the planned order qty was supposed to use days of supply to consolidate the planned supply in 2022R1 making the 1 to 1 relationship of demand and supply more obscure - it was announced at Summit but apparently did not make the cut.

You can, however, manually line an open PO to a material line using the production order details form.


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