Upload (default import button of grids) raises an Error that "AccountGroupID" Column is missing in the source file

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Hello all,


I have explored (Excel Button) and imported (the Upload Button) using the built-in buttons (below screenshot) of the grid hundreds of times. I am experiencing a weird problem now. I use the Excel button and export some data then even without any modification when I try to import the same data using the built-in upload button I get an error that “AccountGroupID Column is missing in the source file”. The funny thing is the system itself finds the Account Group in the Excel file and maps it to the correct Data Field for import purposes and when I check the Excel file it is there of course. Any idea what can cause such a weird issue?



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@aaghaei Can you share in which version and which form this issue was experienced? There are some forms in which some columns require specific feature being enabled of the field is not a default field but added by user from available fields under column configuration. In any of these conditions it is still a problem but if you share the details I can test it on my end.

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Hi @hkabiri 

I am testing Cost Projection Line Import in 22.211.0034 and I receive this error. This screen has customizations but has nothing to do with this field. It is one of Acumatica’s out-of-the-box key fields. I have this customization on 21.200.0145 and works just fine. If you like we can have a Teams call and I show you on screen. I can send an invite if you provide some availabilities. I know if I unpublish the Customization, it works but the case is why it works on 21R2 but not 22R2 with the same customization package

Old thread, but I’m having the same problem on Configuration Maintenance (AM207500) trying to import an Attributes->Rules


The error: Row number 464. Error message "Error: '[TargetOptionLineNbr]' cannot be found in the system."

it does this for every row.

I tried doing some data-fu and tried importing the line numbers instead of the ‘labels’ but it makes no difference.


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