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  • 16 October 2021
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When I run my import scenario I get the famouse error “The Change ID button is disabled.” My import scenario is simple and base on, but after modifying this import back and forward, still having that issue. Do you guys see any errors on the mapping?




Best answer by Naveen Boga 16 October 2021, 05:36

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9 replies

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Hi @martingaxiola  The Change ID action, I have done it for Customers screen, and it was working as expected.  Could you please try for the Stock Items screen and verify.

Please find the link below.



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Awesome, it worked flawlessly. THis is the final map:




Thank you so much!!!!! @Naveen B 

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@martingaxiola  Great :) Thanks for sharing an update.

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Hola @Naveen B , unfortunally i just found out that my import is not working. It was changing the ID, but from different rows, the relation from the rows is not from the same:


After the import was completed, which is the one on the image 1, the changes where not completed.

Stock Items after import:


But changes will occur, where the incorrect rows will in this case GP-BC703101 24x36BBB was change.

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@martingaxiola  Can you please export and share your import scenario of XML format here, and please let me know on which version you are working on this.

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@Naveen B Thank you Naveen, here is the info you requeted:


Acumatica Cloud ERP 2021 R1
Build 21.112.0042

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Hi @martingaxiola 

Please check the following :

  •  ‘NewID’ value you are entering meets the specification set on Inventory segment key
  • Try enter one of those NewID manually to ensure the value is accepted by Acumatica on manual data entry


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Hola @vkumar ,


Yes, the values are accepted. I did a lot of test, until i decided to do this manually, as I may incorrectly assigned 100 recoerds wrong. I have not have any issues doing it manually. I had also assigned a new value to a Inventory ID like adding AAA or A1 at the end, just to make sure it was doing the correct work, but that is how I notice the first record never changing. 

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Hi @martingaxiola ,


I’ve always found Import Scenarios tricky - you have to do a lot of playing around with them to get the order of operations right and second guess a lot of the “error” messages. If you have a multi-segment Inventory ID, as I do, then its worth remembering that:-

  1. The search key data must have the segment separators removed in your import file, yet when you export the data it will include these separators so you have to modify the key before re-importing
  2. The replacement data needs padding with spaces to make each PRIOR segment full, and must also not contain the separator character

So, for instance, I have a 4 segment (Non-)Stock Inventory code as follows:-


My segments are 6-3-1-8

I wish to change it to MBL   -ABS-0-PAIDBRK

My import spreadsheet needs a SUBSTITUTE run on my Inventory ID key to remove the “-” so that the key becomes MBLLABABS0PAIDBRK

My replacement data needs to pad each of the first 3 segments with spaces, so I can’t use things like “MBL-ABS-0-PAIDBRK” or “MBLABS0PAIDBRK” as that will corrupt the key, I have to use

“MBL   ABD0PAIDBRK” to make it work.

The mapping is as follows:-

Here is an example of a code I wished to change

Here is my Import Scenario data


NOTE: If the first value (my Inventory ID) was as it looks on screen IN202000, in other words MBLCHG-OHD-0-RENTAL, the system can’t find that key because its looking for something that contains the separator. It doesn’t know how to tell you this is the error, so it returns what I suspect is a default or best guess, and that’s why I was getting the “The Change ID button is disabled.” error message.


Here is the changed code after running the import scenario using the data in my screen shot

I hope this helps you as it worked well for me …



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