Can I put parameters like MM/DD/YY into export scenarios file name generation?

  • 7 December 2020
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      Every time, I run export by scenario, I got a fixed file name.

        Can I make the file name generated with date as suffix?


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9 replies

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Hi @ray20,

I don’t think this feature is available in Acumatica now (generates file name dynamically) while uploading.  But still, we need to get confirmation from Acumatica officials on this.

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@ray20 I believe if you edit the report, click into the report settings, there is a spot for the Export File Name, opening that will allow you to use formulas


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@ray20 I believe if you edit the report, click into the report settings, there is a spot for the Export File Name, opening that will allow you to use formulas


@ccleary  Thank you. but it is not a report designer thing.
in my scenario, no report designer be involved. The file is from GI.

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Hi @ray20 

The option to configure export file name is available on Reports designer. Its not available on Generic inquiries.

Hope this helps,


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@vkumar Hello, do you remember that you saved me by pointing out “schedule export scenario” with SFTP previously?   That works perfectly, thanks again.
Now this requirement actually comes from another vendor, still, they are requiring for report on weekly basis. Just some difference with the previous vendor, the detail is as below:


Example File Name: MEM203112 ‐ File Extension is optional (.txt, .csv, .etc)
Delimiter Settings: File Should use either a pipe delimiter, comma, or fixed width. ( Ex: data|data OR data,data )
File Name: Starts with 3 letter member desiginator code provided by Frosty Acres followed by date code. (EX: MEMyymmdd.txt)
Field Qualifier: Data should be encapsulated with double quotes ( Ex: "data" )
Headers: File does not contain Headers


Taking all their requirements into consideration, I am thinking of an export scenario which export data into a csv file which encapsulate all data with double quotes will meet their need.

However, if the file name with date like “MEMyymmdd” can not be generated automatically weekly,
Can you suggest anyway to fulfil it?
Report design with schedule template and email sending looks like a way to go, but it seems the data can not be encapsulated with double quotes in that way.

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@ray20 , there is no option to include specific values for the file's name in Acumatica.

There is an option when you have synchronization turned on where set up the export file naming format, for example, if you select date, each time you export the file the date will be included in the file's name but that's the only option available.

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Can you say more about using synchronization to create a dynamically named export file? I have the same requirements as the other folks. Looking through the documentation I see plentiful info about Salesforce sync & HubSpot sync but I’m not getting results for export scenario sync. 

Also I am pleased that it looks like I can only export records that the export scenario has not processed before, assuming I am understanding this selection list correctly.


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@arlinewelty93 - The synchronization options are associated with the file itself. From the Export by Scenario screen click on Files.  Next to your file, click on the Edit link.  That takes you to the File Maintenance screen (SM202510).  On that screen you can see the Synchronization tab which has an option: Export File Naming Format.  But it doesn’t have many options and doesn’t allow you to specify your own ‘dynamic’ filename.

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Hi @ddunn ! Right. Thanks for pointing that out. Yeah - I see what you’re saying; the options are a little limited but as long as I can make the file name unique we might be able to live with that outcome!


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