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  • 9 March 2022
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I’ve been using export scenarios to create and automatically sync vendor reports for a while and they all work fine. Now I need to do the same thing, except email or save a copy of the file to the user who needs to manually upload them.

I’ve looked at business events and automatons but every avenue seems like a dead end. Is this possible and if so how?

Thank you.


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6 replies

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Hello @Michael73, I was automating an export scenario to send a file to FTP several days ago and found this information (← link)  on the Community.  I know you are looking for email delivery and synchronization tab of File Maintenance does not email. However synchronization tab of File Maintenance can drop a file in a folder.  Is there any way the user can setup email notifications on the folder or the network (such as SharePoint) so that an email comes from SharePoint to the user, with link, when a new file is in the folder?  I hope this information gives you ideas or helps lead you to an answer.  Good luck.

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I actually read that post before I posted myself.

The problem is that the user does not have an SFTP server setup so there is no real way to transfer the generated file. I did speak to Acumatica some time ago and they said it was impossible without that.

I was just hoping a new feature or workaround had been developed.

Thanks for the help!

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@michael73 --

Not sure what the vendor report / export scenario is that you are using, but can you create this report in the report designer instead of an export scenario? Then you could use the built in features to have this report run and emailed out on a schedule:



You could also create the ‘report’ as a generic inquiry instead of an export scenario, then use a business event configured something like:

Type : Trigger by Schedule

Subscribers : Email Notification

Subscriber ID : you would have to go to Email Preferences > Notification Templates and make a new one to place here


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I actually need the .csv file that the export produces to upload to a customer site.

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I think Kyle’s suggestion is very promising → reports can be sent in Excel. Could the user then, in Excel, save as CSV?


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That could work but we are setting up an SFTP on the users machine, that solves the issue and he doesn’t need to manipulate the file.


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