Purchase Order. Prepayment and Vendor Refund Process

  • 26 April 2024
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Dear Community, 


I would like to request your help on clearing amount of “Unbilled Prepayment Total” field under “OTHER” tab of a purchase order. We created a PO with 2 detail lines with same price “14,673,000”.


After that we made one Prepayment Bill for first line of the PO.


And we paid through Check and Payment Screen.

After that, actual Bill came in and the amount was only “13,480,699”. So, we created Refund form for the remaining “1,192,301” and linked with Prepayment.

Now, back to the Order and we creat another Prepayment Bill for another line. But when we try to release it, it says “PO Error: The value of the Unbilled Prepayment Total box of the PO00001856 purchase order cannot exceed its unbilled or total amount.” 


So, I check PO and it has “1,192,301” unbilled prepayment total amount. Now, I cannnot continue creating second Prepayment Bill for second line. Why not Refund amount of the first prepayment does not reconcile in here? Or am I doing incorrectly? Please help.

Thank you all in advance.

Naing Aung Kyaw

3 replies

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Hi @NaingAungKyaw try checking on the PO history if there’s a bill already. Based on the picture you sent, the first line has qty on receipts.


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Hi @NaingAungKyaw try checking on the PO history if there’s a bill already. Based on the picture you sent, the first line has qty on receipts.


Hi @Novstat there is a bill already linked with Receipt. What I have done is like for example:

PO line 1 & 2 (Qty 1, Amount 1,000 each line)
PO line 1 (Linked with Prepayment 1, Amount 1,000)
Create Receipt  for 1st line of PO ( Qty 1, Amount 1,000)
Create Bill for Receipt (Qty 1, Amount 1,000) but linked with Prepayment only for 900
Create Refund for remaining 100 (1,000 - 900) from prepayment

Now, I create prepayment for PO Line 2 (Qty 1, Amount 1,000) But it is saying now that Prepayment cannot be created for Line 2 of PO with Amount 1,000 because Prepayment cannot be larger than total amount of PO. I check in PO and it is true that Unbill amount has 100 and Prepayment is 900. If I pay again unbill amount will become 1,100 and total Prepayments will become 2,100 which is greater than PO amount 2,000. 

The problem is Unbill amount of PO should be zero out as soon as we created refund of 100 at 1st prepayment and reconcile at PO.

Or am I doing wrong ?

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Hi @NaingAungKyaw were you able to find a solution? Thank you!


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