Billing Issue. Anyone else having this issue?

We are 2 years in with this software.  I’m hoping someone can help me with this.  While running Run Appointment Billing, we have never checked the “Ignore Time Frame” box.  We noticed some items weren’t getting billed but appt is closed and SO is closed.  Evidently, we are to hit the Ignore Time Frame button to get them to show up.  Something about the cutoff date not being set.  Therefore a lot of closed service orders are not showing up to be billed.  Has anyone else noticed this issue?  All of the appointments that had no cut off dates were within the past two months. We do not see any setting on service order or appointment where cut off date is even showing.


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Hello @katiet ,

Welcome to Acumatica Community!  I will try my best to answer your very first post. 😀

I’m not sure I understand exactly what your problem is, yet. Is the problem that some closed Appointments or closed Service Orders are not being shown in Run Service Order Billing screen, even though the appointments’ Actual End Dates are prior to the Billing Date and Prior to the Up to Date?

In the example shown below, the current date is 5/2 and I’ve selected to create bills through the end of April.  If I select “Ignore Time Frame” then unbilled, Closed-status service orders dated 5/1-5/2/2024 would be visible in the screen and potentially included in a bill that is dated 4/30.

“Cut-off date” can be found in Service Order and Appointment Billing screens, but Cut-Off Date does not directly appear in Appointments or Service Orders.  Cut-Off Date is a calculated date.  From the Help:

When one of your Appointments or Service Orders is missing from Run Service Order Billing, check to see what date is entered or populated into the Appointment’s Actual Completion Date.

Can you show us a screen shot of the Appointment Settings tab and the results that are showing in Run Service Order Billing (or Run Appointment Billing) screen? Is it possible that “Handle Manually” is checked on beside Actual End Date and then no date was entered, or an incorrect date was entered?

You mention that your billing process used to work, without worrying about Cut-Off Dates, and now it doesn’t.  Do you have any ideas about what could have changed since this process last worked?  (Upgrade?  Change in Service Order Types?  Change in Billing Rules?)

Thank you.


As far as I know nothing has changed on our part within the past 2 months.

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Hello @katiet ,

What screen are you showing, please? (Identification has been removed from the top of your screen shot.)

Is this Run Service Order Billing screen?

If you are showing Run Service Order Billing, please try the same billing processes and procedures with Customizations temporarily turned OFF and then let us know if the problem is corrected. (We need to rule out customizations as the cause of your issue.) If the behavior is different with customizations temporarily unpublished, then work with your developer to correct the problem.

Please let us know what you find.  Thank you.




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