AR period sensitive and trial balance not matching

  • 14 December 2022
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We seem to be having an issue with our reports changing balances for previous periods.  Our Aged Period Sensitive report under Receivables is no longer tying out to our Trial Balance Summary report.  This issue seems to go back to February 2022, and each month from February to November no longer agrees.


The issue seems to be invoices that were credited in subsequent months.  For example, the February Summary Trial Balance report shows a balance for the AR Trade (account# 11000) of $3,852,680.46.  The Aged Period Sensitive Report under Receivables shows a balance of $3,805,177.77 for a difference of $47,502.69.  This variance is due to AR invoice #38530 now not being picked up on the Aged Period Sensitive report when you run it for February 2022. This invoice was credited in May 2022. Not sure why the Aged Period Balance is dropping invoice #38530 when run for February. At the end of each month we tie out our Trial Balance with our subsidiary ledgers to make sure they agree and I save them both in an excel file. Please help! 


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What is the version of Acumatica?  Perhaps there is a known issue, like a bug in the report for your particular version.

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Did you check to see if the report is customized?  If a report is customized, and you have upgraded, your customized report may not pick up changes made by Acumatica in the new report. To rule out report customizations as the cause, go to Report Versions and Inactivate any custom reports that are listed on the Report Versions tab.

If you can’t see the report versions tab, ask your system administrator to add you to the Report Designers role.

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You might also want to make sure the date on that invoice also matches the post period.


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